The Show Trial for the Invented Insurrection With Will Chamberlain


Well, I'm delighted to be back sitting in for Seb doing America first radio, and even more delighted to now have in the chair. One of my favorite lawyers, which is admittedly a short list. I think it's pretty much you and schlichter. But Wilt Chamberlain is here. And I would love will to get your opinion of just how brutally effective the show trial for the invented insurrection has been at throwing the trader Trump into the brink. He's going to jail, right? Well, I think there's so many different problems. We just start with yesterday what happened with Cassidy Hutchinson. I remember watching Fox News and hearing Brett, tell me, oh, this is devastating. Did you hear? This is devastating testimony, and it's like clearly you've never seen a trial because the first thing you notice is it's hearsay. She's almost very rarely is she testifying even to a conversation she herself heard most of the talk is about someone else told her that Trump said X and that's not just hearsay, it's actually what we call double hearsay. The hearsay statement of Trump being offered for whatever the truth of that it was asserted. And then there's the hearsay statement of the person gossiping, right? So you have these it's the legal standard for gossip. We got hearsay, double hearsay, gossip. BS, which is what it seems. And so, you know, it's not that all hearsay statements are inadmissible. There are actually a lot of exceptions to the hearsay rule. But this is the classic example of why we have a hearsay rule, right? You have this woman saying, well, I heard that Trump grabbed the Stuart, you know, this guy, this guy told me Trump grab the steering wheel, and then you realize, well, that's not even possible. And then within an hour of the testimony, it comes out that the Secret Service agents are perfectly willing to say under oath, no, that never happened.

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