CompassCare Needs Your Help More Than Ever


Again to folks who are listening to this. Folks, you need to dig into your pockets and help out these kinds of centers across America, avail, is here in New York City. They're doing utterly heroic work. Compass care obviously needs your help more than ever because they were fire bombed by genuine domestic terrorists. These are actual domestic terrorists using terror and violence. And as we know, Biden and Pelosi and others have ginned up this completely manufactured concept of white nationalists and so on and so forth. Show me where they are. It's utter Bologna designed to distract you from genuine domestic terrorism, of which we have an example right here, a firebombed clinic, and what amazes me is they took credit for it. That's what terrorist groups do. They take credit. They say, we did it. We want to scare you. We want to intimidate you. We want you never to go to work because you're scared. That's terrorism. That's genuine domestic terrorism. If we had a government that was operating, we would go after those people. And by God's grace, we will, but I hope you'll help out compass scare by going to erasing the need dot com. Is there a place there, Jim where people can help financially? Oh, sure. Erasing the need dot com slash donate. This was where people can go and give. And to your point, Eric, law enforcement really needs to get some arrests. 6 over 60 attacks so far nationwide zero arrest. I've been calling this the pro version crystal knocked since the beginning. And the longer it goes without an arrest, the more I am right, I have

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