Brit Hume Rips January 6 'TV Production' Hearing


Let's start with Britt Hume. Last night on Fox News with Brett bear, I said grab this because he is slamming the Nancy Pelosi one 6 committee after the hearsay testimony of miss Hutchinson cutting them 11. What it did do now that the testimony is being challenged is it shows why it's not a good idea to put witnesses on that without any cross examination or any viewpoints expressed from the other side of the issue when there is another side and certainly it is in this case. This is what the committee has decided it will do. It will put on a TV production, which is what it has done. And it seems to have tripped itself up on that because the testimony is now being disputed openly by the Secret Service. First of all, I said the beast, but it was the smaller Secret Service SUV, but either way, how does this happen in a committee that's that scripted and that laying all of this methodically out, they call this surprise hearing and then they trip on this and it opens the door to critics of the committee from the beginning. Well, I think it's consistently what the committee has done though. When you think about it, they'll call witnesses before the committee and the witness will be sitting there and then the committee will proceed to play excerpts from the deposition, the video deposition of the same witness. It's a very peculiar way to proceed. You know, I've been around Washington a while. I covered the hill for a long time. I don't remember any committee where all the members were chosen by one party, even the minority parties representatives. And they're all on the same page. They all agree. Well, if you don't have any dissenting voices, this is the kind of thing going to happen. Some mistake. After two of the congressmen were turned down, then the minority leader walked away, but it still does not have any pushback. And where does it go from here? No, you need that to have credibility. You need that. And so does it have credibility at the end, do you think? Well, if this blows up, this sensational testimony, which I don't think advanced the ball on the committee's main thesis. But this testimony which everybody was in rhapsody is over yesterday, blows up and has found to be seriously contested and in doubt, I think that will damage the credibility of the committee and his final work product, whatever that may be. Of course, always right

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