Bitcoin Is Struggling - I Am Steering Clear


On and actually subscribe. That you'll get to go through the market live and Just show you what's going on so I really do encourage you to get across to try to cope. Youtube page. Followed all subscribe on site and Click on those notifications. So you know when it's coming three softening Australia nation standard time you be getting the low down as to what is going on. So what exactly is going on? Well O. J. Have you ever been on the water when you like if you've been for several And you've been you know there's a big Y you've been smashed and pushed down Dave and you don't know which way's up you completely disoriented And you just don't know what's going on that looks like a mock it right now with scrambling trying to get to the surface which is up. So that's the bulls right with with trying really hard but was stuck in this bloody Whitewater keeps on tumbling is intending as pomace. We haven't had the ball yet so you don't even know where the bottom is with. Y'All hang on a second I. I can't even push off the bottle which why am I going in other words? The market looks confused and vein. Speaking about how can fuse. It's looked for a little while last week. We certainly saw a confused market and look like you know we talk. Throw it out point. Two point four point Nanda Dali soul that while we've seen a little bit more quickly coming into a little more volatility but we certainly haven't seen more confirmed direction. I can tell you that much. Full freight bitcoin a closed the session yesterday. It closed down four point one five percent now. What does that mean well? Much mile as we currently sort of banging around Twain to couple of levels of pretty messy regions. Seventy four and sixty six hundred. That's the Soda. Rage is that we will looking to bash between the minute. So we've got a good one hundred dollars of Ryan that but it's an ugly range. All at the trend fully hypermobility series of strategies. That are the trend following and the probabilities increase the more time frames that you have an agreement so wrought now what's the daily trend doing Baga Role. What's the weekly Trend Doing? Well pulled back up into that cradles on thing that we need to get through their full from the. That's what's replying at. In the market at the moment as far as the way the markets and the low of the time will amid timeframes. It's very very uncertain bitcoin yesterday. Lock closed down. Full percent be closed at six thousand eight hundred thirty three. The theorem also down yesterday. Five point three nine percent wants a guy. There has been moving in big swings to bitcoin. So in its theorems going up. It's going up hard. I WANNA themes going down. It's going down a little bit harder a lot harder but it is definitely going out. Holla keep that in mind for those of you who are looking to try to your cats and he's sitting in bitcoin sitting in his theorem Take advantage over the last couple of weeks with those moves higher. I'd has definitely helped the belts I'm holding I was holding bitcoin now holding a theory of In that one particular county say and It's been it's been helping out quite nauseous. Keep that in mind. Yes downfall point three hundred percent. We closed at a low hundred and seventy tools and forty cents. Were already two hundred. Seventy three seventy one today. Half an hour into the training day appeals had Dan. I three point nine on fought percent closing. Eighteen point one cents lot resistance in nineteen point is still. There is still strong haning very tightly around at twenty seven o'clock now they might talk off right now. Bitcoin Cash Dan yesterday. Four point two percent closing at two hundred nineteen dollars and forty cents on the base. Another one that was down five point three percent quota decent pullback yesterday across the market it closed at one hundred eighty three eighty four. Santana's Nice to say that Mr Craig Rod has gone quiet and BS face Kana just gone So many wars about what's going on here. And Hey said she says Blah Blah Blah. I suppose probably because it's a little bit between one of these little cases it will sort legal cases of what matters. I don't even know if he's got any but I'm sure he does. He always does on the lot. Coin was sitting right now. Forty dollars and fifty cents though a clause yesterday. Thirty eight dollars and thirty five CENTS DOWN FOUR POINT. Seven percent ails was down three point. Three seven percent causing at two dollars and fifty one cents. A guy very very sought wise as we've seen across the hold bonnets the sort of market while the only but one of the few that they're still looking strong on the daily notice strong as some of these other trends we have Translated like to save it worked. We close yesterday. Down was look it was down six point nine nine percent we closet at fourteen dollars and ninety two cents but already today in half an hour with put on two point five percent with sitting at fifteen dollars and twenty nine cents Kaduna Messy sideways closing the day at yesterday. Four point four percent Dan. Closing three point three cents a theory of classic

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