Explorers & Contenders: Annie Oakley


Annie. Oakley was born phoebe and Moses on August thirteenth eighteen sixty in Dark County Ohio when Anne was sits. Her Father Jacob died from pneumonia and his mother. Susan wise soon remarried but her second husband died suddenly two with eight children and very little income. Anne's family was sent to the county's poor farm. These institutions predated federal safety nets like Medicare and social security residents often dealt with miserable living conditions while battling the cultural stigma of needing help and he was placed with local families where she would work in exchange for room and board. She started hunting at eight years old from the start and he was a gifted shot selling her game to local restaurants to help support her family. At fifteen annie's hunting skills paid off the mortgage on her mother's farm that same year she traveled to Cincinnati to compete in a shooting competition with Frank e. Butler Butler was a traveling marksman who made bets with local communities that he could beat anyone in a sharp shooting match. Anne made all twenty five shots. Butler missed the final one. The two started courting and married soon after eighteen seventy six and he was sixteen years. Old Butler continued butlers tour of the country with Anne acting as his assistant despite her skills and he was responsible mostly for holding up items for Butler to shoot. All of that changed our. May I eighteen? Eighty two when Butler's partner fell ill anne filled in on stage and from then on and he was officially part of the act after touring for a year with the sells brothers circus. Anne and Butler joined Buffalo. Bill's wild west show. It was Anne who had been given the name little. Shir shot by LAKOTA. Sioux leader sitting bull really rose to fame. Butler eventually chose to serve as her stage assistant and manager even by today's standards any stunt were jaw-dropping. She would shoot glass balls and coins out of the air and cigarettes out of her husband's mouth her show often opened with her skipping onstage lifting her rifle and in one shot snuffing out the flame of let candle. Anne and Butler remained with Buffalo. Bill's show for sixteen years. The tour took them all around the world. They performed for Queen. Victoria's golden jubilee in England and travelled through Spain Italy and France. Every time she stepped on stage and he proved that women were more than capable of using firearms challenging the disciplines. Masculine reputation. She publicly encouraged women to learn how to use a pistol and to carry it in their purses arguing. Self defense was empowering in nineteen one after returning to the United States and Butler were in a train crash. Any injured her back and stopped touring two years later in nineteen. Oh three it was reported in Chicago that Anne had been arrested for stealing a man's trousers and selling them for cocaine. Despite the story being entirely false the woman arrested had used the fake name any Oakley News outlets ran with it. Anne sued every paper that ran the false accusations over seven years. She won fifty four or fifty five cases in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. The United States entered World War. One and he wrote to the secretary of war. Henry L Stimson offering to fund raiser regiment of female volunteers to fight. She also offered to help. Teach soldiers how to accurately shoot. Neither offer was accepted in nineteen twenty two any began preparing to tour again but a car accident delayed her plans after a year of recovery anti finally returned to the stage soon though any fell sick and in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. She moved back to Ohio to be closer to her family. Annie Oakley died on November Third Nineteen Twenty Six. She was sixty six years old. Her husband Frank. E Butler died three weeks later the two had been married for fifty years in nineteen forty six a fictionalized version of Annie and Butler's love story debuted on Broadway as the Irving Berlin musical. Annie get your Gun Ami thing you can do. I can do better. I could do anything better than you. Yes I can yes I can to this day. The show is still regularly performed by theaters around the

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