Groundhogs like pizza too



Today's Morin of the day is really going to start your Monday because today is Monday by the way even though it feels like Tuesday's because every day is Tuesday now today's Monday and this is going to start your day and kick your week off. You're gonNA feel so good. It is horrible. It is precious. It happened in Philadelphia and that is the first time anyone has ever described anything that comes out. The Philadelphia is adorable impression. But a woman named Preston Bagnall was at home with her family. Quarantine minding their own business and they have a sliding glass door that looks out into their yard and something caught her eye and she looked and sitting on the other side of her sliding glass door was an actual groundhog clutching a piece of pizza in. Its tiny little pause staring in at the family and eating pizza so the woman did a double take. You don't see a pizza eating groundhog your backyard. Every day and the groundhog stayed for more than an hour eating pizza and watching the family. They have two dogs. Groundhog didn't care ground. Dogs were on the other side of the glass. She rolled video on it and pizza. Groundhog has become the quarantine symbol of hope that the city of brotherly love the need it and we have the video and it is precious. I mean looks like punks. Have Tony Phil Eating? A piece of an honestly. I don't think that's frozen pizza. That looks pretty artisanal. I got I got to tell you these days. Depending on what day of the week is might fight that hard for that piece of listen you see the pizza. It looked good gonNA fight that hog

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