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Hey guys hey. This is quarantined. Special saw Corentin special party. He knows how many parts there will be a while they too will watch this. Show this to exactly just to see. This is just this season but the but no is coming off as much as I would say. Let's talk about. The rebels is reality and we have still colliding with this bad ass disease right now but it will pass. I just got a couple of calls just working from home and it's interesting because I talked to different people role globally so I get to talk to people from all different countries and so sometimes. I'm I'm just surprised sometimes about where people are at and this affects people differently like we all know but I just got off talking to a friend a colleague in Germany and man. Oh I was like we were meant to talk about something. We literally spent forty minutes just like having a session on just we can do it. You're okay how are you near Lezo? Stay strong friend you know. And it's like what if it is adjustment thing you say funny like sometimes you can from hiring more you think. Oh yeah cool. Welcome him APPEA- days but at least we know going back to work the next day or the next week that this feels a bit uncertain. Because it's like we would hold I four weeks and now it's more let me going to be twelve last. I think it's about adjustment of what I have to pick up my workplace. Actually because they are competing fixable. They know that people have children or other responsibilities. They know that this is a huge adjustment and people on some people aren't suited to working from home so they are retry it as much as possible to be flexible and because we are all the organization they have reverted funds to support people who live in college. Who are freelancers? Pay Their rent. Who you know what I mean so this to me. It feels like even this is really crap was going on. We tried to pull together to make people's experiences of this at least a bit better. Yeah that that makes me feel good. I think for me. It's just. It's kind of the ways that people things that people are afraid of that. I'm being very aware of and so for some people you know. They're afraid for their families. And so if you've got relatives in countries and so he's he's really touch me because you know he has a mom in Brazil and he's like you know the most the most hard done by people in those cultures in those countries. What what is it what? What about them when they can't get access to health care they can't give up a festive ones on the on the list when it comes to resources because they don't have the money and to book you talked about this last time the private health insurance and when it comes to work. I feel like the him. He's real kind of pain was coming from the uncertainty around work where the company's losing projects. I just talked to Marissa This afternoon as well and should she works for a Hedge Hedge Fund but I can investment bank That sponsors and she was talking to your best year mercer and she was just sharing how this company that specialize in Holidays High Holidays and they and they're like you know borrowed forty million to start their company or something crazy like that and they're projected earnings and revenue for this next month zero and so it's just alert these ways that people are just feeling fearful so job security is really a big one and he was just sharing their with great with you live in a country where yoga get unemployment. Belfair all you can kind of do this and that the government willing to do this but there are places where it's like often we ain't got nothing for you usual job. Good luck to you. So I was really found his pain so he's worried about his wishes USA heaviness to him about worried about so. I'm just trying to encourage him. And just you know just got my little car. Djing words of wisdom up there on a mile my back the back of me so when people see video just like you know just trying to put a few words out there and just keep encouraging. Yeah you know people that you've seen as really strong and you interact with them on a daily basis and they're like to see them so bun rable at this. Time is really humbling. I think it's humbling for them. People that I just was always like. Oh this is about us. But it's like they are afraid fearful and depressed and not necessary. Made the mostly weak enough. But you just see inside of you. I think this is the fact that this is also unprecedented. Like nobody knows how what when? And so you're right and then you start to realize the things that you rely on and I think that's what's really showing me when I'm not traffic on. Having compensate the panic the the most panic that the kind of conversations I'm having with people is all centered around yet security jobs e micro a lot of people who have very much safer kind of freelance space and very much kind of kind of doing what. I want to do creatively. All of a sudden they're like oh my gosh like really scary and I don't have security. How pay my rent and and and you know and people and I feel really privileged. Actually that I have a job that that is going to stand the test of time. Coding and it will still be there the end of this but even still like I ain't concerned because it gets the point where all of a sudden as well people are thinking. Okay what's the party's what are the core things that needs to focus on? What are the core moments core principles? There's a lot of the kind of added value rose in a business that was all of a sudden seem to feel like not like not important anymore. And so you can really get into like my my job boy. Am I gonNa Again? Same same shots. What was in? I'm big on my company like they've actually been so resilient and how they responded. I think they've been very good at kind of just know that you know we get. This is the day by day thing. This is not a this is what's happening. This week is literally day by day. They're kind of really opened the communication it has to be. I think you know. If I'm honest view might be disappointment. Has Been actually from the government. Not so much from workplaces. I think our work's been great. I think the government being so unsure and so I said the government Boris Johnson. Just not being clear in what he says like a delivery guys. I think you have. The trump does every day like a certain time he has his compasses which again are a shambles. I'm not even GONNA get too much into trying to bring too much negatively into this moment because I think everyone is in that space of worries what will stay there. But I do think that they they could do better with just reassuring people because I think that where there is so much uncertainty. You really do need leadership to lead. And they're just no. I'm just under sweeney disappointed so actually I found solace in looking at my community to lead an. I'm seeing great leaders papa elsewhere in terms of inspectors that. I wouldn't necessarily be looking for them. I E actually checking them of friends who are like how mental health care in this time. What are you doing to kind of? Stay Sane in these moments so small things that check in. Jovan everybody even APP site house. He couldn't if you guys have seen the housefly which is really cool. The instagram live moments. All suffer usually. I would not be my back like it's not my thing but it's actually been somewhere. I found a lot of kind of support salacious when people come and mega positively and like this fun through this also sharing some facts which is held. 'cause I'm really checking on friends and people. I know that else regardless of age that just because it can be quite isolating of course so thankful that MOMS in America view one and your family but yeah so a lot of my friends single or they or they could be partners but then if by themselves and yeah just checking it on them because people are. Social Butterfly is will they? You know they better if you're an extrovert shiver and you get your energy from people. That's really

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