In Times Of Crisis You Need To Flirt With Stupid



Welcome to Danine of the lockdown here in Malaysia. I am just in a compaq now. Pretty Empty cowpox waiting for the doors to open so I can get into the supermarket. Try to local supermarket and That was just a little bit so moving onto the big shopping mall hoping that that might be a little more under control and I got a great comment from mine. Only Dean Cobaine Hollandsworth yesterday and it was a discussion. We were having about what the new tomorrow is for. Spas and for hotels in general for the industry in general for for the economy in general and one of the comments he made which I thought was fantastic is that maybe it's time to flirt with stupid. And what he's really saying. Is that the idea that once upon a time were considered streaker. That would have been laughed out of boardrooms and and executive offices. Maybe now just might be. Those ideas want fly and something touched on a few days ago but I do love that terminology flood with stupid so I think as we're preparing for the other side of this thing. Start thinking about all the crazy ideas you could possibly imagine for your business and things that might maybe once upon a time the same stupid maybe right now is the time that those ideas might just get through.

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