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Ireland Won't Accept an Atheist's New Religion Since He Was Once a Pastafarian


Gotta take us meanwhile to Ireland the Great Republic of Ireland. Because I don't know if you know this but Ireland has a history with their religions in general the in Catholics Protestants. There's been some. There's been some dustups overtime. Okay They they they haven't necessarily all agreed on what what the right religion was. Well now the you know they. They like many places have to approve people who want to do things like you know minister and And and officiate weddings. That sort of thing and one person there A Guy who actually runs a podcast called the free thought profit podcast company. Name was John Hamill and he was talking about He. How public policy was favoring Christians? No shock there Specifically Catholics. He said so he. He said he was as a Pasta Faren. As a follower of the flying spaghetti monster he wanted to to have the same rights as a Catholic did and was denied summarily denied because the apparently the government of Ireland sees that as a parody religion not a real religion which I kind of. I'm okay like that's probably true. It's probably kind of counts as a parody religion anyway. Then he changed it up. He cited join a different. Religion stopped believing in his in the newly appendages of the FSM and went to a a a religion called the syncretic. Jesus Christ Church which apparently is a church that believes likes the teachings of Jesus just doesn't believe that he's real or divine or anything it's basically just. There's no supernatural stuff. It's just his moral teachings are pretty okay. And that's where they're at so he he reapplied for Status under that religion was dismissed was was told was rejected. The registrar general apparently deemed his His conversion vexatious really yes say basically yeah decided that it was with the word. Yeah very interesting. I guess they thought he was just taking the Piss when he decided that he got to change religions which is so funny because basically what they're saying is we get to decide if you are allowed if you're being honest about changing your religion. That is so bizarre. Yeah Melissa Matter Great Question. Why can't you just say look he? He says he believes the thing so done no problem. Let's just move along sound like you know you're worried that his his religion is going to somehow change everybody else's religion or whatever they just the the logic is missing. I think I think what's important here. Dan Is that it's it's it's really important to make sure that people They're sincere in in in what they're saying and I think that that is a very good role For for the government for government to take. No no this is this is this is i. I'm glad I'm glad she looked out for for this on this issue because you can also mess otherwise faster already. We know already that they test thoroughly and vet each and every priest and rabbi that comes through To to make sure that they are not also being vexatious about their their ordinations or whatever. I'm sure area. I'm sure that they have some sort of rigorous thing that they put people they can see into people's hearts goods true. Isn't that Nice?

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Ireland Won't Accept an Atheist's New Religion Since He Was Once a Pastafarian

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