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Indianapolis, Kansas City Chiefs And Harlem discussed on WAOK Programming


CBS sports radio this was a matter of cross our fingers when we can all get together and start playing football getting to know the receivers he's gonna know the playbook inside out this is getting to know how Chris Godwin runs around Percy Julian element and and things like that again Bruce Arians against of tiki and Tierney the father of Louisville wide receiver Corey reed junior died Wednesday morning due to complications from covert nineteenth Thursday was supposed to be opening day in the big leagues instead no baseball to be played anywhere commissioner rob Manfred guest of Scott van pelt ESPN SportsCenter I think it will mark a real milestone in the return to normalcy I think you saw it after nine eleven option of play yeah you know I was there in Shea Stadium that night that we began playing who's one of the most memorable games I've ever attended all right hopefully we'll see baseball soon to the NBA in the mist of the shut down the league is reducing salaries by twenty percent for some of the league's top earning executives that includes commissioner Adam silver meanwhile Christian ward of the Detroit Pistons has been cleared from the corona virus so good the news there from the college game Vanderbilt forward Erin Nesmith's he'll forgo his junior season to enter the NBA draft Florida state for Patrick Williams announced he too will forego his sophomore season to enter the NBA draft said news curly Neal the face of the Harlem Globetrotters for twenty two years sadly he died Thursday morning in Houston at the age of seventy seven the Indianapolis five hundred has been postponed from may twenty fourth to August twenty third I'm Jay Berman the last these after hours with Amy Lawrence Kansas City Chiefs they are three for three after falling behind by double digit points Super Bowl fifty would about the eighty three Gator raid bad relation to the Kansas City Chiefs thanks for joining us our final show of the work week final show of the first week.

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Indianapolis, Kansas City Chiefs And Harlem discussed on WAOK Programming

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