Introducing Joe Exotic: Tiger King


There are some stories in the media that leave more questions than answers from wondering comes Joe Exotic Tiger King Joe. Exotic has always loved animals especially tiger cubs lions monkeys. Joe Started Zoo in Oklahoma where you can actually get inside the cages with tigers. But Joe has a Nemesis Carol Baskin. She's another zoo owner. Who doesn't like the way Joe runs things and when Carol Accuses Joe of Animal Cruelty Joe? Turns around and accuses her of being responsible for the mysterious disappearance of her late husband as much as both of them love to save animals. Joe And Carol are hell bent on destroying each other at any cost. If Dirty John Meets Dr Death with a pinch of town. Sounds interesting to you. Just listen to this preview of Joe Exotic while you're listening subscribe to Joe Exotic Tire King on Apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you listen you'll also find a link in the episode notes. It was the winter of two thousand fourteen in a little dance hall in. When you would Oklahoma a wedding was just getting started okay. I'd like to welcome you to a most unusual wedding. The room was decorated in hot pink and Tiger Stripes. The audience was a mix of humans and animals. Several people with different kinds of monkeys. There were for the most part in their stroller on their mom's lap for in their shirt Jacqueline Thompson was among the guests. She watched his three men in matching hot pink cowboy shirts and black jeans walked to the front of the hall today. We have gathered to witness the Union of travers. John and Joe. Joe said that he always had two boyfriends at a time he never just had one. Joe Was the groom in the middle. She had a chrome pistol hanging from a leather holster around his hips and a bleach. Blonde mullet. His real name was JOE SHRP. Vogel but he was better known as Joe Exotic in the book of ECCLESIASTES. Bet You didn't know this. We are even better for triple. Braided cord is not easily broken Jones. Fifty one years old one of his husbands to be was in his late twenty s and the other was just nineteen. Okay and can we have the rings please? Jacqueline and the other guests watched as a small eight gripping. A white satin pillow was carried up to the front of the hall to me. These rings as Joe slipped a ring on one fiancee's finger and then on the other. You may now kiss. How after the wedding? The party moved down the street to Joe Zoo there. Joe was in his element climbing in and out of cages while a camera crew captured it all for his Youtube Channel at one point. Jovan Jacqueline over to a bear cage handed her marshmallow and told her. Put It between Your Lips. Five putting in my mouth and I'm like you know hesitating to put my face through the bar and then he grabbed her head and shoved it up against the cage inches from the bears mouth and they're just all of a sudden grab. The Food in his tongue. Ended up going down my throat and all I remember is getting a mouthful of sand and slobber it was like I was gagging and he was just laughing so hard almost pitas fans and they got that on tape too. It was a wild celebration but in a quieter moment. Joe confided something in Jacqueline. He was haunted by a recent tragedy he says. My champ was poisoned Joe. Tall Jacqueline she suspected. Animal rights extremists. Were behind it as well as the recent deaths of his wolf POPs and he was afraid they wouldn't be the last and he just started crying. You wrapped his arms around me. And we just balled together. Then Joe said she was looking for someone to provide security to keep his animals safe at the zoo and to keep him safe over the years joe had made a lot of enemies but was one who kept him up at night he would just always call her names like crazy bitch. That hateful bitch. It was always something bitch. That woman was Carol Baskin All. He talked about ways that she won't leave him alone for five years now. Carol had been threatening to shut down Joe Zoo and destroy all that he had built. He said he needed somebody. That was really good with a gun that could take her out and now joe was ready to put an end to it and I said you need a sniper. He's like why you have one. I said actually I do.

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