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China, Chinese Government And Iran discussed on Today in Focus



Okay so. The Chinese government feeling vindicated. But what's actually changing in the country? We're seeing restrictions lifted basically across the country. I guess the biggest indicator that things are changing is the fact that restrictions being lifted in Hubei Province. And just recently they have announced when Han will lift. Its lockdown pretty much completely April eight. According to the official statistics were now seeing almost zero local transmission every day there are new cases but all of those cases are imported infections. A lot of them are overseas Chinese. Who were coming back or students coming back from overseas who have been infected. Because it's been a lot of questions about the reliability of this data and David Carter go in touch to ask whether the reported dropping Kobe. Nineteen infections is just hiatus before the disease becomes prevalent again. Would you think there is a lot of worry about a second wave of infections especially as the country gets back to work then people stop saying at home and people are back out again and also with the number of imported cases public health experts and citizens in China people that are on the ground Don Owen and who they will all say that guests? This situation has improved dramatically and things are much better but whether or not there are absolutely no new. Local infections is something a lot of people. Don't completely buy and this week. Also we sell Premier Li Ka Chung give orders to local governments across the country not to cover up new infection numbers just for the sake of maintaining zero local transmission rate so they don't have hard data to show that the numbers aren't right or reason to think that they might be dramatically much higher but there are definitely some doubts about them. He's anyone in China pushing back against lifting this lockdown. Now some people are worried about going back to work but because they don't really have a choice in it there is not that much pushback so there is a sense of resignation that if the government wants to lift the lockdown and get the economy restarted. Then that's what's going to happen. That sounds like quite a stark choice. Lily but one Ashley basing this on how counting cases in China and China only those who test positive end show symptoms are counted as confirmed cases. And they don't disclose how many a symptomatic cases are while is symptomatic. Cases are included in another category. The W JOE says that they're not amid in point of transmission. One thing that's different is at China tests people who don't have symptoms so they test all the clothes contracts of somebody who has been confirmed with the virus but in other places. I think in the US if you don't have symptoms they don't test you. So I guess that's part of their justification for that. One of the problems at the Chinese government has now is that the initial cover-ups in suppression of inflammation has relieved led to a lot of public mistrust. You mentioned mistrust in government and some of our listeners. Really of asked this. How will this will impact on Xi? Jinping could this damage his leadership internally and internationally do you think so at the beginning and in the middle of it I think a lot of people might be the case and the fact that the virus has been mostly contained and also the fact that it's so bad everywhere else is really a win for Xi Jinping in the Communist Party in their leadership and they're really pushing this idea that you know we beat the virus and you know now we're the ones helping other countries as they deal with this here. We've seen China really take on this row. Have we as a kind of global leader on supporting during the current virus crisis? Yeah definitely. They sent shipments of supplies and medics to Italy. And I believe that Italy so that that was the first overseas aid they had received. They're setting up a lab in Iraq. They sent supplies to Iran. Think they recently pledged to send supplies and help to Spain Cambodia. The Philippines I mean Serbia really everywhere. That's really interesting. That you say the leadership as potentially been strengthened. Now because China seems to be coming out of the other side but could this depend on how well the Chinese economy recovers from this definitely. It's depends on if the country's able to balance going back to work without a rebound in infections a lot of people who in the UK. They are looking at the next few weeks in working out how to get through it and the big question here is how long this is all going to go on for. I think people are also wondering while allies will be like after this and how different they might feel and one of our listeners. Nikki got in touch to ask about the long term impact of social distancing an isolation she wonders. If it's made people in China less trusting of others they come into contact with. How do you think that's played out? So on the one hand there is an amount of wariness of other people. There's been more awareness of foreigners coming in because people are worried about imported cases and I've talked to somebody who said that. A foreigner sat down in the subway and the woman next to him just stood on the other side so sad but on the other side I would say that I think people also realizing how much they need each other and how much they value things that they took for granted before so people in Iran have talked about little things like going to the movies with their husband in their kid things that they didn't even think about now they realized how special that is and people saying things like all used to be one of those people that never want to go out and just all would stay home now every day. I'm waiting for the chance to get outside that one trip to the grocery store or something. Some not sure that people will be more isolated or will trust each other less when you walking around Shanghai at the moment do feel people are being more friendly than perhaps they were before. No not really. Maybe it's London. Was I think these big cities? You know people are still dislike. Who are you get out of my way? Emotional Impact d think this hat on every body. So that's something I keep asking people. I think is something that I'm interested in because it seems like when something like this happens a whole country or city Lego Hen. I mean leave scars right. You know. The must be sort of city wide or province wide trauma. And I've been curious what that looks like and for some people I think they will just go back to work and go back to life as usual I think other people have had their sense of trust and faith. In the government's very dented. That's been changed quite drastically on some people have lost loved ones. Of course yeah and then just the amount of people that lost loved ones in that something that I don't know just the numbers you know more than three thousand people that's how many people died in China If you think about that number people when you include all those family members how many people said that's affected there was an interview with the doctor. She was Dr New Emergency Room and she. She described some of the moments that she saw as things. She'll never forget for the rest of her life and I wonder how for people like that how that changes them for the rest of their lives. How you feeling about what? The country is been any still to an extent three. This epidemic has been huge for China and the the toll that it's taken on the country in infections in deaths in economic impact the impact on just individual people in their lives is staggering. And it might be still a long time before we can fully appreciate how big of an impact this has had on this country lily. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me. That was really code. You can read all of her reporting from China at the Garden Dot Com. Thank you to everyone who's left reviews of the podcast this week. We read through all of them yesterday and they really do mean a lot to us. Next Friday was speaking to writers review TV music and books. So please send us your questions. Maybe you want to know what you should be reading right now. All the best songs to make you feel happy when things are getting a bit. Tough send them at the GUARDIAN DOT COM FORWARD SLASH. Cova nineteen questions or tweet and a skit with myself. We are Gristana and at Rachel Underscore Hump thanks to. Everyone says questions for today's episode. It was produced by Courtney Lee safe and sound design was by Axel Makita executive produces film maintenance and Nicole Jackson. I hope you have a great weekend. I will be with you on Monday.

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China, Chinese Government And Iran discussed on Today in Focus

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