A Decade Of Adventures With Professional Volleyball Player Marisa Field


Though. Morita the question of when it comes on when you're younger than athlete will. Your bigger during the goal is to achieve. Actually I was just thinking about this. I used to have this like. I don't know way back when when you had like. Msn Messenger thing or ICQ like those instant messaging things on your computer like my little bio thing was like pro volleyballer end like it was kind of a joke. 'cause like I didn't even know what that meant at the time. Just like yeah. That sounds good. Like Appropriately but had no idea like how it was going to get there what that bed so I guess I was always like kind of an idea in the head but actually was kind of a nerd in high school actually was planning to be a chemist I went to university with the intention of that and volleyball took over my life so okay so when you say you're going to be him if like how do you feel that working out like Nafta type stuff like why can't we be wasn't entirely sure but I just chemistry high school. I started my first year at college in my hometown. Action with the intention doing or years volleyball but graduating ending chemistry after the whole course life change. That's awesome so so you had your MFN bio theme Pro Volleyball Claire. So when you wrote that in life started happening had you start thin are i. How can I make this reality? Yeah I think Actually like I was just trying to remember when I started playing volleyball. I think I was about while which is crazy now to think about says while is actually been two decades now. I've been playing volleyball thirty. Two ounce so yeah. It's Kinda crazy but I think the starting kind of jump off point for me was when I made team be see from. Abc and I made that provincial team when I was like or teen I think and Is your calling you very raw. Was the word they used for Terrible but I jumped really high back then. I guess I'd potential so they took me and I didn't interview That year the year after something for them I think it had something like one day. I WANNA wear like a maple leafs on my back in fourteen candidate ahead said that Ben in nearly no like what it took to get there but eventually became a path so dover I know there's Tony was the have the application you know. They say. I want to be in Olympia and I WANNA don't own and do all these things. People atoms dry. Yeah like you can't do that to. How did you keep your mind? That like may laugh at my drain on a chase them all like originally when I started playing volleyball. I didn't even really WANNA play Bible like I started dance when I was like three years old. So I dance all the way up until the end of my high school. And my mom had kinda like encourage Mir Gently pushed me to play volleyball and at the time like basketball. More which is binding workers like ended up deciding basketball's too much running for me so I ended up. I was doing all three things. That was dancing. Anos playing volleyball and basketball into high school and then I can window basketball and then faced out dance. Bowling Ball's seemed like a better future option to go with so I started college. I graduated sixteen so a super young and I had offers to go to other schools like in the states and other Kadian universities ended up wanting to just stay home and I had really good the program at it was actually called back in but it's the UCLA now University of British Columbia Okanagan so that was in Colona and the coach was Steve. Manual was one of my mentor coaches still to this day. He kind of had a big role to play in my progression volleyball. So after my first year there recruited to go to U B C in Vancouver with Doug Rhymer in his team and it was kind of scary. Move to consider and I went to a two years with Steve Cohen than ended up making a transfer to UC Vancouver in coober into the it's called CIS fact then it's like all changed Old Sport now like a Canadian University system so I ended up going there my third year and after my first year there. I actually got invited to try out for the national team so just kind of like crazy because after my first year. Ub See a lot of the players on ABC. Were playing on the national team or not was. Kinda like became more of a realistic goal. I guess you'd say and I was like you know maybe after a couple more years like chance tryout and it was just kind of a really strange process how I ended up getting a tryout and then ended up making it and as when I was nineteen and so things just took off from there. Wow so he graduated at fifteen Lloyd. just win for team into transitioning to the next level. Yeah so like when I started I was still kind of didn't really have the idea like my first year. I was like okay. I'm going to chemistry and whatever tall Canadian still pretty nerdy. Still Pretty that. I think when I got recruited to go to the CIS and go play for a UPC IN VANCOUVER. That was kind of like okay. Maybe things can kind of progressing go ahead and they gotta also the gentle nudge from my coach. There Steve Manual. That you know you can stay here but basically I'm kicking out because I want you to go play at the higher level and Sierra potential so that was kind of Mike Start off point in the program with Doug Rhymer Jesse Knight was coach at the time and they really Hannah propelled my career in and getting me onto the national team and then I ended up finishing up two more years with. Ub See we won two national championships back to back. Actually and then they went onto win for more after I graduated in a row but Selena was kind of the start of my national team career when I was nineteen and then just retired from that like a year ago. So I'm relying on your La- calendar something you said if you ride a story about your journey it will be. I believe instead a decade of venture. But when you when you wrote that in your mind what we've thinking it's just kind of funny actually because I saw graduated from U B C in two thousand nine and then a number of the national team and then went to play pro for my first season abroad. Enso's like the two thousand nine going into two thousand. Ten was my first year in Europe. I was in Spain and the Canary Islands with my teammates Page and it was just like my funniest stories of life and pro. Come from this season it was just like so ridiculous in so many ways home at Christmas. Like almost didn't come back but when back and finish it out and yeah just finding those kind of the start of my career so the last decade now as I go back and forth on wrapping up in this decade. But yet it's just been. I've been all over Europe late in the Philippines. It's been ten years eleven years with team Canada and yet it's just been a lot of adventures all over the world so I think that sums it up for me your password. Kobe just ridiculous. I've had to in that time. Also pretty full of awesome so going back to the volleyball in making the kind of play with higher compensation had you again was an adjustment to your mentality how you approached the game or the always the same I think definitely I mean developed. I think even from kind of a young age I had like sort of athletic discipline instilled into me. If you from LIKE DANCE. Three in that was like a very disciplined Pity so I think I just always kind of had that. I think that's just part of my character. Personality is kind of like the athlete mindset but definitely like as I progressed higher up in levels that kind of became more of like my dreams once I made team Canada became okay analysis become an Olympian and so that was the focus and that sort of worked towards a win to two Olympic qualifiers A. Twenty twelve in two thousand sixteen. Very narrowly missed the twenty. Sixteen qualification end. So that was pretty heartbreaking but that was kind of the goal that was like why played volleyball was always to hopefully get to the Olympics. One day and that was Kinda what fueled him what. Push me through a lot of difficult times for sure and persevered through a lot of things and a lot of crazy seasons abroad in Europe pro. And and all that but Yeah I think that was always. My dream unfortunately didn't happen but had a lot of a lot of adventures along the way trying to get

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