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Richard Grenell is a disastrous DNI choice


President trump has long been accused of priding loyalty to him above all other qualities. Way above experience way above independence. His critics such as house speaker. Nancy Pelosi today are arguing that the appointment of Richard Grenell to be the acting director of national intelligence is just the latest case in point. Grenell the current. Us Ambassador to Germany is hardly known for his intelligence expertise. He is primarily known and beloved by conservatives for his outspoken defense advocacy of the president and his policies as C. N. N.'s. Alex Marquardt reports. Grenell also has a long history of rhetorical knife fighting as a fierce even vicious partisan the director of national intelligence is a job that by definition demands experience requires objective presentation of intelligence and a non political approach in Rick Grenell. The president has chosen. The direct opposite are found. The position of director. Nash intelligence a very tough. And so I I can't imagine The challenge that somebody has in that position learning. Abc's of intelligence on the job. American critics like Democratic Senator Ron Wyden on the Senate intelligence committee blasting the choice today as proof that president trump values unquestioning obedience over the safety of the American people. That sentiment echoed by House Speaker. Nancy Pelosi today. Who said Grenell's sole qualification is his absolute loyalty to the President Senior. Republicans though are silent over making Grenell. The acting director which by law is someone who shall have extensive national security expertise. Grenell has no intelligence or military experience. He's the current ambassador to Germany. A loyal attack dog for president trump. Who has a history of vulgar sexist now deleted tweets about women including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former first lady? Michelle Obama saying Michelle. Obama is working out on the biggest loser. She is sweating on the East Room's carpet. There are times where what was intended to be. Humorous turned out to be not so humorous. While many trump allies want to see the president tweet less Grenell supports. It makes my job so much easier. I like having a president who's willing to be very tough. Grenell replaces acting Director Joseph. Maguire a retired admiral and former navy seal who has been leaving the intelligence communities seventeen different organizations since last August McGuire had stayed under the president's radar rarely speaking in public. But he did voice his support for the whistle blower who sparked the investigation that led to the impeachment of president trump. I want to stress that I believe that the whistle blower and the inspector general have acted in good faith throughout so jake. This now means that yet another player in this Ukraine investigation. Joseph Maguire is being pushed out the news coming the same day that a top Pentagon official John Rude who is also involved was asked to resign truth tellers and non loyalists clearly not valued by the trump administration. Meanwhile Rick Grenell tweeted today that this is a temporary appointment and that the president will nominate someone else to be Director of National Intelligence. Soon

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Richard Grenell is a disastrous DNI choice

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