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With us here from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis where we will be all week so much going on. I'm waiting next with Adam. Schefter Louis Riddick Todd mcshay and Mike Tannenbaum just to catch you up right now. Here's what's happening today in Indianapolis. It will be a very busy week. At Five o'clock eastern though owners are expected to meet players to talk about the new CBA which could expand the playoffs and move to a seventeen game regular season. We've got forty seven. Nfl head coaches and GMT. We'll be talking today. You're also hear from SEC. Standouts Joe Borough and to a ton of Aloha who also addressed the media earlier today. Jonesboro put on an absolute show as you know on route to a national championship for Lsu setting an FBI. Single season record with sixty touchdown passes and Ditto. While completing a whopping seventy six percents of his passes and not only that but bro won the heisman trophy in dominant fashion receiving a record ninety point seven percent of the first place votes here. Our previous comments from Joe Borough on February seventeenth during a reception. For the Davey. O'brien award. He had this to say I do have leveraged the Bengals have their process and I have my process. We haven't even gotten to the combine yet. There's a lot of things that happened. Leading up to the draft. A lot of information gathered bras. Mother Robin shot down the idea. Her son does not want to play for the bengals. Saying we have no idea where that came from. It's a story out there that has created that doesn't have any substance at least from our perspective here Hasbro earlier today here at the combine. Of course I want to be the first pick. That's that's every kid's dream you know I've worked really really hard for this opportunity and I'm blessed to be in this position. I'm a ball player. Whoever picks me on my go show up? How play whoever for forever dressing? You know. I'm just not going to be presumptuous. About what they WANNA DO I. It's the draft. You guys have been covered it for a long time and you never know what's going to happen so we played a month longer than everyone else and everyone else's been training a month longer than us you know. I wanted to put. I don't I didn't think I'd be able to put my best foot forward here at the combine so I wanted to wait till pro day had another whole month of training and just be the best that I could be when everyone when. Everyone's eyes are on me. You know coming in. If you're the number one pick the teen is picking number one. Is there for a reason? So you're going to have to come in. There's going to be ups and downs and you've got to stay steady through the process. Our research tells us about Joe. Borough is his own man. He's not going to be talked into saying things for other people's benefits so if that's what he said. That's that's fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting to know him getting to meet him through. The process haven't been able to sit down with them yet. But we've got that on the horizon. We'll talk more about Joe. Boroughs plans to hold off throwing here at the combine. But might I'll start with you in terms of do you want? Do you not want to play for the being. You have any issues at all with where we landed at least at this point. No I mean as I said last week Joe Borough at the end he does not have leverage. The bengals have the first pick in the draft. If they want to draft. Joe Joe Borough. That's where he's GonNa go now with that. Said I think it's incumbent upon sack Taylor in the Bengal organization to create the Right Environment. Where he could come in and they could build something sustainable and truly transformative so. I think where we wended. Wendy is appropriate last week. He could've handled that better but to Joe Boroughs credit. I think they tweak things I think they're in a good spot now. He's been well-coached past week. Tower doesn't it. Yeah and Adema to your Do All your contacts. It appears that borough likely young he's projected pick. I still think that's where the bengals ultimately go. And they're sitting there and that's about this a team that needs somebody to revitalize that franchise and they are expected to look to trade Andy Dalton at some point this off season and so when you're sitting there in division with Lamar Jackson there in Baltimore think that they know that they have to get somebody in there. That's going to put some points on the Board Baker Mayfield Cleveland and this is going to be the pick for the Cincinnati bengals. Even Joe was considering trying to exercise some kind of leverage really the only leverage you have is withhold your services and not playing not report even if he was thinking along those lines. Let's say he's doing a deep dive trying to figure out exactly. Just what the Cincinnati offer as far as developing me as a quarterback. Could you blame him? Could you really blame him for wanting to dig? Deep on exactly what? What does the future going to look like during over the course of my rookie contract with this football team would exactly? What exactly is Mike Brown's commitment to go ahead and building out this roster around me because we all know a lot of what's going to happen to him has nothing to do with him and has everything to do with everything that's going to be around him. Just look at the past three or four drafts. And how certain players have benefited from going to certain to certain teams? Just look at l a look at the difference between jar rookie year in his second year. Sean mcvay came in. It flipped his rookie year. People were saying Jared Goff to Canada. All of a sudden his second year is like. Oh wait a minute. Maybe he's not so bad you couldn't blame him. If that was a thought Lewis to that point I also think an opportunity. If you're Zach Taylor to say hey what's happened in the past. It's irrelevant we're going to myself with you and we're going to build something great and we can't worry about what's happened before we have a lot of work to do. But if I'm the bengals if I have a hey coach Taylor. That's worked with quarterbacks. Like you mentioned Jared Goff Joe Boroughs Billy and character. That's a great opportunity for the bengals. Sino three things one. Is that if something were to go on with. The bengals is not going to happen in public and this has been addressed in the past week if it's going to happen behind the scenes so whatever we hear from this point on. Don't even don't even look at it. Don't think about it because it has nothing to do with with what is going on behind the scenes. The second thing is this guy's different cab he beats. It goes a Beatles drummer. He doesn't care what anyone else has done. In the past what everyone else is GonNa do in the future? He's going to do what's best for Joe Borough but the third thing I know about him is he's a football guy he's his. His brothers played linebacker at safety at Nebraska. His Dad's a almost four decades coach in football. He's a football guy at its core. He's from Ohio. Obviously I think when it's all said and done he winds up going in Cincinnati if he's number one overall pick but again. If it's GonNa Happen it's GonNa Happen. Not In the media. It's GonNa happen behind the scenes again. Joe Bro not expected to throw on Thursday. He said he just wasn't ready yet. Not a huge deal. Sam Darnold Kyla Murray. The last two years have opted not to throw here at the combine as well. What did make headlines on Sunday? Oddly enough pros hand measurements the measurable quarterbacks took place on Sunday on the smaller side. Love listen here's what he said after it was suggested his aunt size was small considering retirement after. I was informed that we slipping out of my tiny hands. Please keep me in your thoughts while he's got good company because here's what Super Bowl fifty four. Mvp Patrick Mahomes had to say who had just slightly larger hands than did borough my small Andrew doing great so far all right he should say believe in yet. Here's borough earlier today addressing his hands. Yeah I mean these measurements you can. You can take so much from them if it's a glaring issue on film with turnovers. Yeah it's probably an issue but I didn't have a lot of fumbles or anything like that so I just tried to make a little joke out of it I think it's a non factor I don't get paid to talk about. Measurements and analyze. The measurements like played to play football. So that's what I'm GONNA do. I look we're not gonNA make too much of this question. Well yet about what? They actually do what they're actually measuring here so worry not. We've got a ruler. We've got Louis at. I mean really what you're really trying to do is just trying to measure the expense of someone and they put it down on the ground and you actually hear about guys actually doing hand exercises to stretch their hand as wide as possible although when you're grabbing a football you're actually going to measure from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the Pinky here and this is hard because this is a hard rule and you can't really get good accurate measuring you look tired type by just under nine right. Look I'll give you a non center's Oh that's attention and would have actually done something with my. I mean what's interesting when you watch the tape of Joe Borough? There are situations where people come from behind strip him when he's trying to move up in the pocket and run. I mean that's going to happen if you have nine if you have ten inches so I mean it's not a glaring obvious problem as far as him on the football field and that's why I think it's really. It's just going to be something that will hopefully wind up forgetting about certain the biggest thing is and you know this with all of these drills you know as well. Mike you go back to the tape and you're trying to find something after the fact that says okay. Now I'm going to look specifically at these things so you're gonNA look cold weather rain and then ball security and Joe Boroughs as good as any college quarterback you're ever going to see in the pocket in terms of two hands on the ball and protecting the ball. I saw him in two thousand eighteen the last weekend. In September against Ole Miss. You can go back and watch the tape. My suit was soaking wet when I did the open of that game. It was pouring rain driving rain in anyone who says it doesn't rain in Baton Rouge on a Saturday night is lying to you. Because it poured and he completed seventy two percent of his throws with three touchdowns and zero interceptions in that game. So you go back to the tape and you try to look at these things and what the tape tells you is. He's just fine. You know I had a theory here. I have an interesting experience with hand size so I was forced out in two thousand eight. We were we trade for Brett Farve and just as a fan of sport. I can't wait to go out to the first practice and watch Brett farve throw. There's nothing physically imposing about breath and he goes out there and he's throwing Abe I've ever seen and I ask them like what is the value. Where's this philosophy comes from it? He said you know what Mike I have long fingers and I actually couple of football the way a lot of people throw a softball. I could actually be over the top and that's where I get all my philosophy from just watching my practice. It was unbelievable to watch though. I know as Lewis show. There's a tradition of how we measure hands but finger. Length is actually an underrated aspect of playing quarterback so far so far small hands but long fingers and you know what my pinky and all the time strong throwing football pictures of the five. It's easily the least important finger in the hand and I can't remember it ever being a big factor. It's all there in the grip. The pinky to me doesn't matter. It's archaic. How we're measuring the quarterback's hand span now with that. Said there's thirty four quarterbacks in the last fourteen years who have been drafted that have had hands of nine inches and smaller and really only two of them had any sort of Sustained Success Ryan. Tannehill is one of them and Jared. Goff is the other. That's it so there are thirty two out of thirty four. Who have failed. But are we going to say that he's going to the Joe Boroughs? Not GonNa have success because his hands tells me that the reason for their failure wasn't because they were nine inches weight.

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