What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Healthcare with Saul Marquez


Saul say what's up to fire nation and share something interesting about yourself that most people don't know fire nation is a pleasure to be here and I know all of you are on fire. I'm on fire to John. One thing that most people don't know is that I went through the J. L. D. podcasting Boob Ham. I invested in your last kickstarter book campaign and spent some valuable time with you and kate over in Puerto Rico. And let me just tell you? I'm putting everything in the practice and I am on fire The podcast is rocking on all cylinders. And I'm excited to share some of the things we're a healthcare focus podcast and now a media company Happy to share the areas of success that we've had the challenges but most importantly you know the the the opportunities for for your listeners. That are that are Providing healthcare benefits to them their employees or to themselves how to be smart about it so appreciate the The opportunity to be here John and excited for our time together. We'll I'm fired up because it really feels like a full circle moments to me because like when I saw your name come across when I offered up the day with jail D. I was like yeah well. I'm spending a day with this guy. He's cool. We know we got on our little pre call all right. This is going to be a fun day. He came down to Puerto Rico. We had a great time. Just made it happen from morning 'til nights in you know when that happens. Fire nation invest in yourself at that level. Because let's just be honest a day with jail de ain't cheap. I just knew that saw was going to go off and do some great things. Of course he is doing and I just really love that whole process of seeing somebody come down here form. Just the concept of what they're going to create and then go off actually creates awesomeness. And as I mentioned in the intro. Today we're GONNA be talking all about what you need to know about healthcare and how it can literally make or break your business fire nation because one thing when I was going over. You know what we're going to chat about today. Saw The blew me away is that the healthcare economy is three point. Four not million not billion trillion dollars in you found a way to grow your business by tapping into this. So how have you done that? And how can fire nation maybe get a little pieces of Pie to John? A great way to start this trillion with a t fire nation. So the thing that matters here is that so one day I was So by the way. Three years into the PODCAST. I've done over five hundred interviews so cool. I've had an incredible experience and through the process. Have become a thought leader in the in the healthcare space in one of my interviews With Gavin Tayo. He's a venture capitalist in in healthcare devices Wellness he he. He helped me realize this insight John and fire nation. That healthcare is an economy. It's not just a vertical. It's three point four trillion dollars. And and here's the deal. There's three things you have to know about it. And it's riddled with opportunity. It's that number one. It's highly inefficient. Their silos everywhere. And it's highly complex so so with these three things in mind you have to understand with highly inefficient systems. There's an opportunity for you to simplify. And if you are not in healthcare. Think about what. Your solution is whether you be in digital marketing or it or software. Think about the solution that you have today. There's an opportunity for us that and purpose it for healthcare The silos that exist everywhere. That's an area that I was able to tap into and and add value so not only is data silos from hospitals to clinics to to public healthcare institutions. The communication is silent. Nobody talks to anybody and when I started the the PODCAST and Alan over with John to learn how to do it like a master I was able to actually Bring back some some some massive improvements in the way that health care leaders share their information their best practices now. Everybody taps into the outcomes rocket the outcomes rocket podcast is the name of my podcast to find out what's going on in healthcare and and I mean today as I said over. Five hundred interviews. Wow are we nowhere near the site of John's of course but we're doing fifty thousand plus downloads a month job. And it's so niche though. I mean that's what I love. Is that area fifty thousand downloads. A month on apart. Gas In that Niche. That you've carved out for yourself is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of listens a month in a vigor niche and. That's why I always tell people that. Let me listen to my podcast level. I'm like well. It all depends like if you're doing a ballet podcast just for people that do do ballet. Then guess what a hundred listeners per episode could be a wonderful business because now you have such a core audience right there. There's tuning in specifically in that. Little tiny niche. So the Richardson. The niches obviously three point four trillion dollars. Which is the healthcare economy is not this tiny niche. But just he's focus on healthcare. He's not just like I'm going to interview successful entrepreneurs I've done fire nation which worked by the way back in two thousand twelve. He launched a podcast here in two thousand nineteen. And beyond. When you're listening to this. I mean you've really got to choose something and go with it and that's why when saw was down here in Puerto Rico. I was like dude. You're got his rights like you need to become the person in this niche in this vertical in this industry. He's done that in three years. And five hundred plus episodes and he keeps on going and one thing before I pass it back over to you so I want to mention because you use this word master fire nation. Every single master was a disaster. I was a disaster. I saw was disaster. Every human being was a disaster before they were a master. So when you're hearing salt talk about getting a piece of this three before trillion dollars and you're like but I don't even have a clue yet. We'll of course you yet because you're a disaster right now in that area because you haven't done anything but you will become a massive by putting the work by putting the time by listening to people like myself and Saul who are doing things in our respective niches so saul takeaway brother. Yeah Yeah and just to add to that John is is the when I when when I first sat down with you remember being in the in the in your living room white boarding you blew my mind with funnels. You blew my mind with that with batching. I mean all these things I'm doing now and and I'll be honest with you. Most people think I'm crazy. They're like you're not you're doing four to five episodes a week you're nuts and I'll be honest Because of the time we spent together. I'm like you know what I mean. I'm doing a great job but there's more could be done. There's this crazy friend of mine his name. And what's crazy about that? Those soldiers to break in for a second is people. Louis assume on the busiest person the world they always say that. And I'm like I hate to break. It's because this might like kind of make you feel a little bit bad but I am so not busy like today. I'm really busy. I am doing like seven. Am to nine PM. I'm working essentially every day. I have multiple working every hour multiple multiple interviews back to backs. But this is the one day this week that I'm putting in any kind of work like this. The other four five six days this week I literally have this open schedule worship me creating doing what I WANNA do. Exercising on the pelt on the talking about during our pre interview chat like so you can produce like Saul produces you can produce content like I produce on this high quantity level without killing yourself. You just gotTa have these batching situations that we're talking about you can have the system to the automation that again take time. It's going to be a disaster for your first but over time you can become a master. So salt back to you rather. Yeah no it's great great great Chad and and you know so so as we as we discuss Podcast and I think we'll John because this is a lot of fun. Now we'll go back and forth from podcast And the business stuff and the healthcare stuff. If that's cool with you definitely awesome so so really you know taking a dip back into the into the healthcare. You know your your your employees health benefits. They keep rising your personal benefits. Keep Rising I. I had a partnership with the with the benefits company that I met through an interview on the podcast It turned into a business partnership and I and I learned through that partnership the nature of the insurance business and and I was. I was flabbergasted number one Because and it's an honest there's truth here so so just so you know the nature is that healthcare in the US is a business insurance in the US is a business businesses seek to grow and that means that your costs are GonNa rise as a consumer of them. And if you if you if you think about it for a second you know. There are a large portion of hospitals in the United States that are publicly owned companies insurance companies that are publicly owned companies and the way that that they improve their revenue and profits is by reducing costs and increasing their revenue which is your premiums and the costs that it costs all of us to get healthcare.

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