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Justin Bieber Debuts Atop Albums Chart With ‘Changes’



First up on the billboard. Two hundred album star. Justin bieber scores his seventh number. One as changes debuts top fatality the set earned two hundred and thirty one thousand equivalent album units in the United States and the weekend February twentieth according to Nielsen Music. Mrc data changes is BIEBER's first album more than four years which is considering how fast bieber turned out in the early part of his career. This was a huge weight Purpose came out back in November of two thousand fifteen and it debuted of course at number one. But it's a long wait between albums I think an attorney in popped in in in those four four years bieber would have turned out like five number one and the day notably Speaking of the quick pace at which he's earned number ones notably just twenty five years old He's just shy of twenty. Six BIEBER is the youngest solo artist to achieve seven number one albums. He actually turns twenty six march first. So early Early Happy Birthday to Justin previously. The youngest soloist to land seven number ones was Elvis Presley. Who logged his seventh number? One of a total of ten when he was just twenty six years and eleven months old with Blue Hawaii In December of nineteen sixty one and I by the way I keep saying soloist because the Beatles got their seventh number one when they were all a little bit younger than just how like torch Harrison was the youngest person that feels like twenty two in their seventh number one. Oh Man Behnam Fadi

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