Trendy diets may not be sustainable for long-term cardiovascular health


This morning he was in the American heart association says eating healthy is good for your heart health but how healthy are those trendy diets you know like the keto when the intermittent fasting which is so popular right now CBS's doctor tearing a ruler tell CBS this morning it depends on what your goals are so a lot of patients a patient of mine ask about the keto diet and it's very popular it's popular primarily for weight loss in it can induce a pretty rapid weight loss over two to six months the issue is is it sustainable and the problem is when you're really limiting yourself to less than fifty grams of carbs which is like one slice of bread or one apple we find that over time it's really not for a lot of people and when you look out one to two years any of facts that a house on either wait for blood pressure blood sugar seem to be similar to other low calorie or low fat diets and the other issues we really don't have a lot of long term research to prove either the safety of the keto diet or any sort of hard but we were just looking at the graphic seems up some downside right so higher cholesterol exactly so because you're eating ninety percent fat a lot of people choose saturated fats so things like coconut oil butter bacon red meat and that can drive up your LDL which is your bad cholesterol yeah in addition you may be depleted of things like magnesium or selenium which is a mineral and that could be pro arisen back in fact there was a study this past fall that show that individuals who ate the keto diet was associated with increased risk of atrial fibrillation which is an irregular heart rhythm right and then because you're not eating a lot of vegetables fruits and lagoons you're really not getting those anti oxidants and the fiber that we know is so would you advise patients then so I do have that sort of wristband of a discussion with them and try to tease out well why are you doing us if it's really just for a short term kickstart weight loss that might be okay but then at that six month mark you probably want to transition to a more healthier pattern of eating is something that's sustainable that's always yeah yeah the internment the internment of intermittent fasting diet I know a lot of people on it swear by it really like it Vladimir do TA yeah yeah my father yes your dad is also a lot of people do it and how does that affect your heart so again the science isn't there a lot of the studies have been in animals and there really haven't been long term studies but what we know is that it does seem to kind of reset the body a little bit when you have that time where you're not eating that fasting period and that can allow the body to kind of clear out toxins it can regulate blood pressure and heart rate and blood sugar and cholesterol in the anti inflammatory there do seem to be the potential for benefits are there no houses we don't really you know again because I'm really study that long term but you're sexually inducing a state of ketosis similar to the keto diet because you're allowing your body to break down fat as you all know I'm certain times there's different types right there's alternate day fasting there's sort of a fasting for time restricted feeding where you eat only for six or eight hours during the day and then you don't eat how is your dad also a cardiologists liking it I I he likes it I couldn't do it is very hard for me to skip breakfast for example noting but a lot of people really do swear by it and talked and really says plant based diet to the ones that are the very best for your overall

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