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HM but your your body through Iowa New Hampshire Nevada South Carolina it fourteen more tonight about eighteen states in so you're about a third of the way through and a lot of these folks are going to drop out so it's hard right now to plan in the future the base because you can't guarantee they'll be more than one two people right what it does you could have before this it was easy to get sixteen at seven beginning at ten through the first four states but after super Tuesday but either way we top rating that there are no more because I can't sit through the sand beach people make me sick to my stomach so you want to see right from purses and bad **** let's get to what about Sanders verses Bloomberg on the way to trump purses Sanders I don't see how they both make me sick to my stomach him sitting down with al Sharpton for an hour Bloomberg got all my documents thanks be very nauseous does it make you nauseous Bob Mr my pillow dot com all you have a Michael dell is coming up next he's great got a book out called what are the odds and my my god folks the way we have this guy's story.