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They. It's my pleasure to introduce you to Dr John De Martini. Dr De Martini is a human behavior specialist international bestselling author educator founder of the De Martini Institute and the author of forty books that have been translated into thirty six languages. He's been featured in films including the secret is appeared on Larry. King Live and regularly contributes to Oprah magazine. And he's so much more than that when I was reading his Baiocco at that. What like three sentences. I mean this man has so much experience. He travels all around the world helping so many inspiring so many welcome to anxiety. Sleep Dr de Martini. Well thank you for having me. Thank you in. Today's fast. Paced hyper connected society. There's an undeniable increase in people experiencing varying degrees of anxiety. We get loads of email from our listeners. About how they are suffering from all types in at the top of the list health anxiety followed by the fear of having an anxiety attack in social anxiety. I'd love for you to share your view about anxiety being a form of fear. So can I give you a snarl to kind of build out the formation of anxiety? Yes please let's imagine that a mother and father are having an argument home and there's a little one after two year old baby. That's having to endure and listen to the screaming and the baby had quickly crawls off runs to its room. Hide under a bed puts his hands over. Its years closes. Its eyes and just feels a bit shaken by the screaming match this this initial perception of pain without pleasure lost out. Gain negative out positive in the child's perception is stored in a subconscious mind as an instinct to protect away from that response and an impulse to whatever That child procedures. It's opposite of peaceful safe environment now. The next morning after the only match the father goes off to work. The mother comes and gets the baby out of the bed and goes and gets it dressed up and takes shopping out when the when they were screaming the night before the father was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. Had Brown Moustache Brown hair. The mother was wearing a particular outfit. The child had taken this in an filter this nuclear of the Chalice and filtered information going into the corona before it goes into Cortex to be conscious so child's got filtered response there now the next morning. The mother takes the baby with her shopping to the grocery store. And the baby's fine and it's sitting in the basket you know relaxed in a time and all of a sudden they turn a corner. There's a man with blue jeans white shirt brown hair brown moustache. The baby has an association with those stimuli and the baby now has a reaction because she the baby will one of fight or flight response Eliezer getting further the mother protected turning. Its back on the mother to try to protect it or it'll get behind the mother and try to create a response to pull mother away from that thing that associated with the original night before experience. And so it'll have a what is called a an association with the primary one because of associations may with the blue jeans a white shirt brown hair brown moustache so the child is not even aware that it's actually a result of the night before but it just has this instinct to protect itself from this thing that's walking by because of the associations made while the the boy I walked by with blue jeans white shirt goes down the island at NAP. Feel safe and it gets backed. It plays the mummy wonders. Why did the Child Act out for just a second man walked by then it goes around the next quarter and there's a guy with a blue? Jean Yellow Shirt Brown hair brown moustache now. The child has a little less response but still a bit of a response. His now societas with blue jeans and Brown hair and Brown Moustache but now the child has a secondary association with yellow shirt. Now goes down the next aisle and there's a guy with a blue jeans red shirt brown hair brown moustache now. It's Gone Association. Red Shirt then it goes around the corner and sees a guy with a blue jeans. A white shirt blonde hair blond mustache and that associates blindness with that and all the sudden without even realizing it there is a hundred stimulus as stimuli in the environment. Triggering varying degrees of response to the original fear so these secondary tertiary ordinary pit Associations eventually have stimulus to our act a stimuli to create a anxiety response and anxiety responses a compounded original fear that's never been neutralized so now what happens is the child has started to having a hundred different things because now music is playing while they happen to see a guy with blue jeans and a white shirt. Brown Moustache now. That of mood music is now associated and after a while there's hundreds of things in the environment without even being aware of the original event triggering an anxiety response. This can be occurring in health because we could have a scare with some sort of a health response and then we can have secondary association to that it can be social. It can be learning at educational institutions. It can be fitness Exercise to every injury and it can create secondary injuries. Anything that is compounded an associate on top original event that hasn't been neutralized can create anxiety response triggered now if I go back and take that child to that original event and ask a certain set of questions. Make the unconscious conscious of the opposite at that moment and neutralize and balance perceptions. The cascading of the secondary church events dissolve. It's quite amazing how it's done. So there's a way of liberty going back to the original primary event and asking questions to make us fully conscious of the opposite sides. Let's say that you beat somebody that you're infatuated with their. You're a single person or married acting single and you meet somebody and you're highly attracted to him. You're kind of in a fantasy about them. And you're now conscious of the upsides. Things that are attractive. And your unconscious the downsides and as a result of you know you stimulate dopamine oxytocin Kevin's endorphin. Serotonin estrogen. And you've got an attractive response of impulse towards but now you're unconscious of the downsides. That's why you're vulnerable to that impulse or you meet somebody that you resent you. Perceive consciously this way more downsides because of previous experiences in Toronto. And there's no upsides and now you're conscious the downsides unconsciously upsides and now you create a nor peninsular never cortisol. Osteo cows in testosterone response. Now when you do that those chemistries get skewed. You get subjected bias as a as a protective mechanism to accentuate that. And now you split your full consciousness and the conscious unconscious hats anytime you store that you store all of those imbalances in the subconscious mind as impulses toward things and instincts away from it will run your life irrespective of time or space until they are neutralized right doing as you're now asking questions to make you. Cognizant conscious like. Your intuition is a typically do that? He'll you trying to ask you information. That would make you aware of the unconscious at the time. We're conscious of your infatuated. What's the downsides current at that moment if you resent the upside and once they're balanced you free it from the subconscious mind in its liberate into what we call the super conscious? Mind a of love and attitude when it's in love and gratitude is wellness. There's no response. There's no impulses there's no instincts. There's no anxiety secondary responses etcetera. So what I do is I go to the moment when you perceive the original event occurring and you go in there and you identify what you think is more negatives than positives with a father's yelling at the mother and go and find out what's the upsides because I you think well there's no upside. Its downside there's more negative than positive withdraw from it. You try to protect yourself etc. But at the same time you might find that. The mothers disempowered and all of a sudden yelling as she's communicating in a way that goes against his values She's maybe overspend money and he's now reacting or maybe that he's she's had an affair. You don't see the whole picture so you just respond until you ask enough questions to try to find out. What the real dynamical

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