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A bag on the van eight seven three seven sixty


Yes you got to get into you know NASCAR this because you're not a bad product you know nobody in New York really cares about it but you can probably bet yeah well you can bet on it get walls going you can bet on it and it's there fox usually does a great broadcast of it I get into it sometimes Zimmer walk me pay more attention to it now wrestling and pay more attention wrestling now even as a and I would consider myself a wrestling fan from like eighty six or eighty seven through about ninety two maybe a little bit again into the and then I was often on very sporadically for Mike six in a couple years ago as morning I haven't really watched in like year the only two guys that I follow and because I love them both and I love their podcasts is Brian Meyers and and mac Cardona Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins those two guys I love them so I'll try to follow them and pay little to do but I really don't watch the current stuff I like the old school stuff what do you pay attention wrestling horse racing how often we have horse racing is that a daily thing either of you know about that right now I like courses but I like the big races so the Kentucky derby right now is I mean danger that's in may I would think that that's going to be in danger where they have you know the big right and it's a refined right now the big three races should be okay bought I'll tell you if this gets if this goes further you know we start talking about if you would have a WrestleMania in April and opening day already being pushed back to potentially April eighth I mean to say goes another couple weeks maybe does impact the Kentucky Derby that's the first weekend in may Ron is in Roselle park Chiron yeah I think you're doing a fantastic job improvising and and I have to say I've never talked to you before but I I

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A bag on the van eight seven three seven sixty

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