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And this is Justin and I recognized one of those names in there. Yeah David Leach Director of John witkin stunt man extraordinaire. I don't think they were looking for actors for this remember even George Lucas. Who was fine with whatever Jake Lloyd did looked at Ray? Parker was like yeah. We're going to change that voice actor. Welcome back to the now playing or cade has been a hot minute since we were running around with sonic. I always wanted to know guys. I don't think we've covered one yet. What the Hell is a neo? Geo and did you ever know anyone that had one? I never knew anyone who had won the same way. I didn't know anyone who drove a Bentley. I remember when these came out. It was around the time of the Sega Genesis. I talked about it with my friends. I can't remember if you were one of them. But I remember seeing ads and I was reading gaming magazines neo. Geo The six hundred dollar home console. Now this is one of the genesis was out for one hundred Ninety Neo. Geo came out for six hundred dollars and each game for the neo. Geo was two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars premium thing and yet what it boasted was something that was still unattainable even by. Sixteen bit standards. You would actually have a coin op at home. Promised to be as good or better than what you put your quarter into well. It was as good as because it literally was the same machine. Here's what happened is the neo. Geo is actually an arcade cabinet if you were running arcade and you wanted to change games. Sometimes you'd have to yourself ripped out the guts of it and you know because it's the same monitor and often the same joysticks but you'd have to replace all these boards and all the cows and things so S. K. Is the name of the company. And I'm not going to butcher the Japanese name but it stands for but we'll just call him S N Que. They decided they could build a better arcade cabinet and they built the Neo Geo Arcade Cabinet which they sold two pizza places. And what have you and now if you wanted to change games all you have to do is open the back and change cartridges and you could have four or six cartridges. In at a time depending which model you got and they realized the hardware for this only costing them few hundred dollars or so so they realized they could actually sell that exact hardware to the home market and if you played and they put Nice joysticks I mean when with the six hundred dollars. You got to sturdy ass arcade style joysticks and things and you were playing literally the exact same code the same graphics the same everything on a neo. Geo As you were in the arcade I mean to put it in perspective. The Sega Genesis which we've talked on and on about about how impressed we were when we saw at any one time could have on the screen sixty four colors and eighty sprites are moving objects the NEO. Geo At one time could show forty one hundred callers have three hundred eighty sprites. Yeah it sounds impressive but in the end like I didn't know any of the Games for it it was like they needed something to pull me in because I was probably crazy enough. You know I had a part time job. At that point I was pulling in some showbiz pizza money. I probably if there was something on the level of a sonic that this system had I probably would have saved up for five weeks and bought a neo Geo Z. That's the thing I felt. They lacked is a killer APP. I looked up S. N. K. What Games did they make? You know before Neo Geo because they were founded in the eighties. There's a few I did play. There was one called Van Guard. If you guys remember vanguard it was a side scrolling spaceship we could shoot down backwards forwards. Yup there was an Atari version of it. Also I vaguely remember that and then there was an game but it was an arcade. I called Hikari warriors which was like the first. Shoot them game to put you in a jungle and give you real world weapons instead of like a space thing and it was coming out right around the time of Rambo. First blood part two so it felt like you were shooting up. Vietnamese and people were into that in the eighties. Okay so living out my Vietnam War post traumatic stress disorder the okay. I has appealed to someone not me at that time. But Yeah Neo. Geo here's what shocked the hell out of me. The arcades came out in nineteen eighty nine and when they started with the whole model they actually do go a hotel and they had like video games and a system there. It was trying to entice you to bring your kids there and put them in front of the TV vaguely. I know that that was it. Never worked for me but yes yeah I remember hotels that had the like controller that sat on top the TV there was no box like that was all part of the system and you could play games on a channel. Yeah the NEO. Geo was intended to be rented to hotels. It was supposed to be a rental machine or a professional entertainment at that price. But what happened is hard core. Gamers were really into this and it is a luxury item. It was a niche thing. It's kind of like I would equate it to a LEICA CAMERA. If you don't know what a like a camera is you're like well. How does that compare to my canon or Nikon is like well you can have a candidate or an icon or you can spend at a zero to that and by the like. And that's kind of where the NEO GEO was. It continued to sell on the market for about a decade and continued to put out games. Eventually they came out with the neo. Geo CD this was around the time of the playstation one. It's the exact same neo geo but now they could sell you the games for forty dollars because literally the cartridges for the first neo geo where the size of VHS tape and had one hundred fifty dollars of hardware in each cartridge okay. Yeah we don't want to pay for that. All right yeah. I'm kind of waiting for NEO GEO to make a comeback nowadays because I mean go to any Walmart and you can see. There's like this. Resurgence of buying mini arcade cabinets to build them put together at home. They actually had one of those you know like the NPS classic things they put out a neo Geo classic that had a whole bunch of the games and you know because now you can run the Neo. Geo So easily. I have a ton of NEO GEO games on my raspberry Pi and that's a very low powered computer by today's standards and it has the perfect graphics the perfect controls but it actually didn't sell well because neo geo doesn't have the name recognition which is why when. Stewart said we missed a video game movie called the King of fighters. I'd never heard of the game I'd never heard of the movie and it's simply not the American one again I think. King of fighters is a fighting games with the NEO. Geo itself is to consoles if you were really into fighting games. This was considered one of the most groundbreaking. It did things than the street. Fighters would rip off like having tag team fights and things and fighting. Gamers love it. But when they put out they did port them to the Super Nintendo and the genesis. They'd sell fifty thousand copies. Where a street fighter? Two millions of copies on each platform. So it is just a niche thing. And why do you make a movie that I do not know? Yeah that's a really interesting question but it's interesting you mentioned streetfighter. I didn't play this game. You can tell me if there's anything different about it than all the other fighting games you and I have played Arne I. Is there something unique about the control or the characters or the world yes kind of okay? Here's what I would say. As I played the first one I had to go out remember. I got the veto is living La Vida Loca. Well I could only find this game unless I want to buy NEO GEO system. Which was the portable one that took little CD discs and I had to put it in. I was able to get a really cheap one on Ebay. And it had the S. N. K. Arcade Classics Collection. What I didn't realize is all of these games. Were on my raspberry Pi under t for the money. You didn't need to this. Sounds like neo? Geo Bernie while you're playing a C note cigar. Well at least now I have you. Md player so it can buy all my movies again on mini CD. But I played the hell out of the first game that I played fourteen a lot which just came out for the playstation four. They're still making these games. Yeah there's over fourteen games. This first one came out in ninety four. It's that's how it's no. It really started in nineteen ninety-one are maybe even before that I did a little research on the characters because I was tasked with watching some of the anime and some of the other peripheral stuff Terry Bogarde. One of the characters in this movie goes all the way back to street fighter in nineteen eighty-seven he was developed for that game and then they didn't use him and the people that developed it wit and left. Capcom went to S K and said. Let's give Terry his own game. Fatal Fury Yeah. This is and it wasn't like he was ever a street fighter character. It was a character model. It was a white guy in a leather coat. Basically and they're like let's make a white guy in that red leather coat but give them a game. Fatal Fury King of fighters was the nine hundred ninety one and S N Que. Really trying to be like street fighter. Two is huge fighting games huge. Let's get into that They call it. Fatal Fury King of fighters and the people that were like King of fighters. That's a really good sub time. We need to make that a game at some point. Then in nineteen ninety four the king of fighters and they call the King of fighters ninety four and it was almost like a super smash brothers because they brought in characters from fatal fury and they brought in characters from something called Samurai showdown which was another fighting game of theirs. That really look anime. And that they had a game called Artif- they brought in characters from all these other games plus they had original characters to this game as well so it was kind of like an avengers team up again. If you know NEO GEO game which nobody in this country really did but it's probably a big deal. If you love Terry Bogarde to see him finally make it to king a vital four. I guess it something at that time. Those street fighter two when it came out it had eight playable characters and then a couple bosses. They came out with turbo edition. You could play as the bosses and they add a few characters when this came out. Here's the things that makes it unique. It started with twenty four characters but they were teams of three. And so you pick your team as so I'd play Brazil or I'd play Japan or the United States. Yeah case in point in fatal fury the first team it was Terry Bogarde. His brother then some third. We all try to get vengeance on their father. Being dead which is a story lying that actually will get co opted by some of the king of fighters anime stuff they will keep that in continuity but king of fighters. I'm just GONNA put it out there. Yes like street fighter. Two if you win there are these little cut scenes with sentences and if you beat the game there's a couple of lines but these are not plot driven games. This is not like Tekken where I felt like. It was a fighting game but also an adventure game that had a big plot. This is very much like street. Fighter mortal combat. Where you gotTa Really Suss out a plot though for what I understand. There are bare bones here from this movie. In that King of fighters ninety four there was the big boss was ruge L- and he apparently liked to turn fighters into statues and one of the other teams team Japan. Who's led by Kyo? Goose Unagi so there is some connection. Here it gets as they went along. It's really an adaptation of the first three or four game yet well King of fighters ninety four stood alone with King of fighters ninety five ninety six ninety seven. They did a trilogy again. Really really loose like nobody gave a shit about the story but they wrote one anyway and this movie the thing you're talking about with the statues and things is actually King Fighters. Ninety six so this movie most closely goes to King of fighters ninety six. But I'll tell you right now. There were no bluetooth headsets. No parallel dimensions. Well they gotTA update it. I mean you can't just be living in nineteen ninety six two thousand ten when they decide to make this but when I play these games what made it. Unique was the team play and that in every other game I've ever played Tekken Street. Fighter mortal combat. You have two guys and they're fighting and its best two out of three right and every time you fight one person gets knocked down you start over and you have restored health. Every once King of fighters ninety four you fight as you have teams of three and one person from each team goes in and fights and the winner continues on but if you beat the hell out of them they still lose some health they may regenerate some depending on which game you play but if you get close to winning then you're next cares are can come in and just smack them and knock down and then you move onto the next one. I'd never seen a game. That persisted your damage from fight to fight and that you went three in a row starting with King of fighters ninety five and they put these out like fucking. Ea sports gains. There was one every year. Yes King of fighters ninety six ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine two thousand and a playing all of these and I'm like why don't the graphics get any better. Because they're all of the exact same neo geo hardware fully. It's cool to hear that..

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