Why Are We Afraid of Friday the 13th?



In order to organize time. Human beings created calendars as part of today's dominant calendar system. Every year is divided into twelve periods called months consisting of roughly thirty days. Each all days are also grouped in two sets of seven called weeks and in Europe and the Americas a significant chunk of the population suspects. That bad things will happen whenever the Thirteenth Day of a month occurs on the day of the week called Friday like many human beliefs the fear of the number thirteen which is try skied. Deca phobia or of Friday. The thirteenth known as Paris. Kevi DECA try. A phobia isn't exactly grounded in scientific logic but the really strange thing is that most people who believe the day is unlucky. Offered no explanation at all. Logical order illogical as with superstitions people fear Friday the thirteenth for. Its own sake without any need for background information. The superstition does have deep compelling roots though and those origins help explain why the belief is so widespread. Today the fear of Friday the thirteenth stems from two separate fears the fear of the number thirteen and the fear of Friday's both have deep roots in western culture and most notably in Christian Theology. The number thirteen significant therein. Because it's the number of people who were present at the Last Supper Jesus and his Twelve Apostles Judas. The WHO betrayed Jesus was the thirteenth member of the Party to arrive. Friday has had a negative connotation because Jesus was crucified on a Friday additionally theologians hold that Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit on a Friday and the great flood began on a Friday in the past. Some Christians would avoid beginning any new project trip on a Friday fearing that they would be doomed from the start. Sailors were particularly superstitious in this regard often refusing to ship out on a Friday and supposedly President Franklin D Roosevelt was among these ranks. Some historians suggest that the Christian distrust of Friday's is actually linked to the early Catholic churches overall suppression of Pagan Religions and of women in the Roman calendar Friday was devoted to Venus the goddess of love when the norse adapted the calendar. They named the day after Frig or Freya North goddesses connected to love and sex. The story goes that both of these strong female figures once posed a threat to male dominated Christianity. So the Christian church vilified the day named after them. This characterization may also have played a part in the fear of the number thirteen. It was said that frank would often join a coven of witches normally a group of twelve bringing the total to thirteen. This idea may have originated with the Christian church itself. It's impossible to verify the exact origins of most folklore. A similar Christian legend holds thirteen is unholy because it signifies the gathering of twelve witches and the devil. The number thirteen could have been considered pagan because there are thirteen months in the pagan lunar calendar the lunar calendar also corresponds to the human menstrual cycle connecting the number again to women but there are other traditions linked the number thirteen and Friday the thirteenth to unlucky nece in Norse mythology. The beloved hero Balder was killed at a banquet. By the mischievous God Loki. Who crashed the Party of twelve bringing the group to thirteen this story as well as the story of the last supper led to one of the most entrenched thirteen related beliefs. That you should never sit down to a meal in a group of thirteen. Another significant piece of legend is a particularly bad Friday the thirteenth that occurred in the Middle Ages on a Friday the thirteenth in thirteen o six King Philip of France arrested some of the revered knights templar and began torturing them marking the occasion as a day of evil both Friday and the number thirteen were once closely associated with capital punishment in British tradition. Friday was the conventional day for public hangings and there were supposedly thirteen steps leading up to the news. They're rumors of a secret society starting in the late eighteen. Hundreds at William and Mary called Thirteen's said to be groups of thirteen students. Who would meet in defiance of the superstition? The date was first enshrined in pop culture in Nineteen O seven when one Thomas Lawson wrote a novel called Friday thirteenth about a stockbroker who purposefully crashes the stock market on that day around the same time. Skyscrapers going up would often omit thirteenth floor. A practice that continues today. People Point to the trials and tribulations faced by the astronauts of the Apollo Thirteen Mission. And of course the wildly popular Friday the thirteenth horror franchise about sometimes villain Jason Voorhees and Camp Crystal Lake further spread. This ancient meam ultimately the complex folklore of Friday. The thirteenth doesn't have much to do with people's fears today. The fear has much more to do with personal experience. People learned at a young age that Friday the thirteenth is supposed to be unlucky for whatever reason and then they look for evidence that the legend is true. Evidence isn't hard to come by. Of course if you get in a car wreck on one Friday the thirteenth or lose your wallet or even Spill Your Coffee. That day will probably stay with you but if you think about it bad things begin. Small happen all the time. You're looking for bad luck. On Friday the Thirteenth. You'll probably find it

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