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Before. Sorry that we've never seen before there. Are we things going on that? We have never ever seen before. We ask markets in free fall and I went to bed last night. I didn't look at the market. WanNa go home from work. I got one hundred dollar to bed like swimming at a quick little. Look and WHOA. I saw that At the time he hasn't done percent and it went all what's Bitcoin. Has It gone up? No Down Twenty three percent. So where do we go from here? And is this a flash crash? Well I would suggest not. It's not a flash crash Because it's not flashed back it's It's it's stay down. It has stayed down now. We look at global markets around the world now facing things facing across of health and when facing across markets. So this is why. We're going to see things that I don't think we've seen before we sing a little ladies of governments coming out and talking about we talked about the talking about the virus is GonNa do and shutting things down and acting responsibly. I suppose and then we've got we're GONNA have to have these conversations about this financial system. I would not like to be the leader of the country. At the moment. It is going to be a hard time for a long time now. What does that mean for us? Well until yesterday until yesterday I'm was sitting pretty amok it. The CRYPTO MARKET WAS HOLDING. Its ground but for some reason that changed now. I don't know what the dynamics Donna what this shift. Our of what caused this is a couple of theories of work through what could have been some of these theories people just running the cash full stop wanting to get out of everything and just being cash because when you're in cash you do a good opportunities. Roger Days Superior to talk once the dust settles you can get good companies Probably more than Fits under right which we have not seen For the last decade really for many companies. Because we have seen that That dead continue to rise and push Higher as well so we need to be aware that the people might just be jumping into cash to white for that opportunity will go further. It certainly could don't get me wrong. It could certainly go. Further markets can and will move lower than you would like and they can and will move higher than you might think or luck so The idea is to think what always the ball in the audience used to play the guy who just white from as a matter. Of course we can show what these markets now. Do I have any shorts on ny to some of my members. How shorts on. Oh yeah plenty of shorts on and of course they're doing very very well Which is great to see but being out to know what to do as a trader Mexico huge difference during this period. Because sure I haven't gonNA show it on now but I tell you what as this causes? Deepens as these markets continue to go law if if they continue to go law. I'm going to have options and I'm going to make money now. If you do get shot down in we've got to spend a couple of weeks self oscillation whatever the calling it then. Alicia might money if you're trying to because you've got the incident. The incident is not affected by the virus So you know it's it's an awesome answer good option to have at times like this. It's almost like kyle on can still make money but trading the markets and takes care of that and I've got a bait just down the road so I can go fishing and that takes care of that so sitting pretty. I know everyone's not quite in that same position but the opportunities they're not so much for the beach for everybody but to have that access to To be at a tried they sort of move because they are nomads. Now let me just take you through top ten quickly bitcoin. Five seven eight five down two thousand one hundred fifty dollars which are believed could be bitcoin. Biggest die down since off being around. I believe down twenty-seven percent theorems down sixty five dollars one hundred twenty dollars and thirty three cents. It's done thirty three percent X. Paid at fifteen point six cents. It's Dan twenty-five percent. Bitcoin CASH IS DOWN NINETY. Three dollars at one hundred. Seventy four dollars. Thirty cents is down thirty. Four percent based visa out in twenty two dollars and fifty seven cents each down thirty five percent like coins down thirty one percent at thirty three dollars and twenty six cents down fifteen bucks a US is that icy nine cents down thirty percent of the tools and seventeen cents. Bonnet is down thirty percent. Eleven fifty five down five dollars. Cod Donna ease at two point. Eight CENTS DOWN. Twenty eight percent if they didn't classic And forty three cents. It's should tools fifteen cents down steady two percent and reading up top ten. We've got SEAN SITTING ON ONE CENT AT thirty two percent down so guys. It's been a very eventful evening on any market. You look at any where at the moment. Scifis STAIFE KEPA positive attitude. Doug Panic Salt Lake City Do what you gotta do. But But dined dummy jumping. Lockin thinking you all you gotTa do is press sell other is more than that and you don't WanNa make these worthy of so. If you've got skills will be ready because now Zoltan and if you haven't well go and get them dot com good night take care and a great weekend now views and expressions held.

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