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A lot of emotions going on in the world. People are feeling a lot of emotion. Every minute right solicit people going stir crazy. It means a lot of stuff is coming up. And we're going to give you a little update on the corona virus. Pandemic there are now over two hundred and fifty thousand cases over ten thousand deaths. Italy has now become the country that has the highest death rate. More than three thousand. Four hundred this is surpassing China. Meanwhile there is some hopeful news that I hope we can trust. China is reporting that the rate of new infections is close to zero. I really really WANNA believe. The Chinese government and their government-sponsored media but still cove in nineteen is having a really intense impact on all of us. You know whether it's global travel whether it's the economy family members stuck someplace that can't get back you stuck in your own house. Then we have to listen to a president who is saying. Non Essential travel between the United States and Canada will be suspended. Yeah I mean not only in Canada but also on Friday the White House. They announced during a task force briefing the daily. Corona virus briefings that disclosure is now going to be extended to the. Us Mexico border starting this weekend and yeah you know both president trump and secretary of state. Mike Pompeo at the press conference. They just toss it out there like calling it. The Chinese virus and that term has been a controversy all this week for its racism and how trump administration continues to use it the A. J. A. Which is Association of Asian American Journalists Publish. A joint statement with other journalism groups essentially condemning the use of terms like that and then maybe was predictable for me. This whole notion of like now. We're closing. These borders because migrants are bringing in the virus. I mean it was so obvious at this was where it was going to go unchecked immigration. And it's clear that trump. We shouldn't be surprised that that's what he said. Because you know that's basically just plays into the trump xenophobic playbook on immigration. Of course. He's saying now that he knew about this virus all the time and he knew how seriously he was taking it. I guess we were the last ones to know on Thursday Australia and New Zealand. Both announced that they're closing their borders to foreign nationals. But I did see this picture of like a beach. I think in Australia. That was packed and I was like Kay mixed messages. Stop looking at photos of beaches. That's a really smart gate. Stop looking at photos of beaches. So you see this money up Thursday night and California. The largest state in America. California Governor Gavin Newsom. He ordered over nearly forty million people in the state to stay home which is called shelter in place except when necessary indefinitely. He said indefinitely blissett muddy at one of the things that people aren't talking about and I I mentioned Mexico. You know covert nineteen. This is a crisis also happening. In Latin America and the Caribbean in terms of travel. Most countries in South America have enforced. Some kind of restriction. Guatemala was the first country to ban foreign travellers including travelers from the US. That happened last week. The land borders in Brazil have travel restrictions now to foreign visitors are ten Dina close. Its borders completely to non-residents Chile Peru Columbia have all closed their borders completely to try to get ahead of the spread and actually one our contributors. His brother his stuck in bed waiting for the United States to get them out so he's stuck with his family. We tweeted about it and Latin America. Alone there over twelve hundred. Cova nineteen cases. And I know I'm bringing like you know bad Juju but we did share this cute little song out of Latin America for kids about washing their hands said we both tweeted. And I can't get it out of my head Alan Rightist. So that's a little that we got this week but all this money on that song or anything what is going through your mind. Well I'M GONNA learn how to do that dance. That's like a frog in that video. Sing that song. I WanNa see you. You should videotape that. That's the context. What's that thing that kids do with the the music? What's that Tick Tock? Okay so my daughter is like become expert on to talk. And she's teaching me things but look very specifically very very very specifically what I said at the top of the show which is that. Everybody is feeling this. It's getting really close to all of us in so many ways. You know my mom and my brother are in Mexico. They were supposed to come back. They live there half the year. There were supposed to come back. I don't know when I'm going to see them again. To be honest like that's happening now like we as you know. I was on my way to Mexico to report a really important story. About how in the middle of all of this virus there are people still fleeing for their lives from gang members. I was going back to Mexico to Tapa Chula to report on a young refugee who may actually be one of the lucky ones because he just got inside Mexico while because what's happening is that countries are shutting. Down was actually the first one before they had any case of covert nineteen they did a national shutdown quarantine essentially really extraordinary in terms of forward thinking. Now people think that was a smart decision. Dominican Republic has cancelled flights from Milan. Which is you know. I mean the. Dr Boondock Anna Direct flights from to the Dr This is what sustains the tourist industry is is what sustains much of the economy again. I have these images of like. How do you do proper social distancing in Latin America? The human connection being able to hug people like we like we do that. We Hook people that we hug and kiss people that we just inner DNA. We hug it out all the time. How educate you know so? I know that's happening and the other thing. I'm sure you're thinking of. Julio is the return of of authoritarianism of the troops on the street to keep people out on America if for their own safety but now who again it just memories of empty streets with tanks patrolling down them in the streets of Santiago or is or really need these are all things that have happened under the guise of a code nineteen virus that this could be. The return of it is very disconcerting. What about you? I mean I'm thinking about what the there's a lot of things happening in Puerto Rico. Curfews businesses shutting down. I'm trying to call attention to the fact that the Puerto Rican economy. Just it's shot and this is just. GonNa add more pain. Think about this. You know earthquakes now. There's covert nineteen. There's a lot of anxiety. Let's not forget the Caribbean Haiti. The Dr. You know all the Caribbean islands. That don't have the access that don't have the resources and I do believe that. He was being ignored once again by the United States. I know the federal government's having so many issues with its response in the mainland. The was not even a Blimp. But one of the things that you mentioned. Maria is the impact that the crisis at the pandemic is having on refugees and asylum seekers in when it comes to immigration in this country so this week several immigration courts have postponed hearings already last week in Immigration Court Seattle's shutdown temporarily because of the spread another thing about the immigration courts of the Department of Justice. If you actually read the document. They didn't say they're like ending hearings. Things can happen via telephone and things can happen. Be a video conferencing so I think people are thinking that everything stopping. It's not then on Tuesday. Trump like just announces that he's GonNa turn back all asylum-seekers at the southern border to prevent the corona virus spreading in detention facilities. When in fact from what I understand the spread came from the north down. You know I mean. Cases in the United States happened way before anything in Latin America. But that's what he's saying. Isis also issued a statement on Wednesday saying that they're adjusting their enforcement to focus primarily on immigrants detained for criminal reasons. So I guess we're back Obama. The ICE statement came after they arrested a man in L. A. Who is buying groceries for his family ahead of the city's call for self quarantine because he was on their list due to a past. Dui conviction so there you

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