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Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition - burst 24


Hasn't come yet if you do that. There's already some new bonus content. There's plenty of old bonus content. We still got like our fire walking episode and our live show in Austin at the home of one of our listeners and all kinds of other great content the latest one that we just dropped is a commentary track on midsummer. Yeah I had never seen it before. Carry in Matthew. Strugar who joined US had seen it four times. Yeah we saw in the theater four-times Wow that's dedication It's really good. So if you're watching movies and you WanNa Watch midsummer will I will watch it without us but then watch it again with us. It does have some violence and some graphic images of self harm to say you know you can also support us by just telling a friend Sharon this on social media saying this is the perfect first episode for you to get by. I want to hear from you. Visit your first episode and you made it all the way here and then you're my kind of person and I'm very impressed. Jobs last yes and his message and remember a downloaded message has revealed to Dylan Lewis Monroe from Gamma Q. There's been several downloads about five G. in this codex but I'm just GonNa read this through so or it be not sure what number it'll be but from today. March Eleventh Two Thousand Twenty Liability Five G. Network. They are building a regulated version of that which already exists a second aether. That might be monetize. If Four G. made manifest an uber if four G. can stream audio and video from any point on the interstate system what will five g be capable of think five senses think full immersion think Uber for flying saucers and what of the fears for our health. Any tool is a weapon in the wrong hands. A KNIFE MAY CUT FRUIT AND PREPARE BANQUETS and carve beautiful wooden sculptures in the hands of a creator but in the hands of a destroyer. It can stab commander in the back. Who will control the Five G. NOT HAWAII IN THE USA? Why did the Corona Virus Target China? Why did a target Luhan are humans? Treated with dignity by the Communist Party of China. Does the Communist Party of China have a seat? At the table of the new Earth must one wipe a whiteboard clean before they begin to draw a masterpiece? Len was five activated in the USA. Wire population centers going into lockdown over a head cold. Howard changes made manifest in a sea of Pussy hats liberals who beg for their own enslavement martial law. Call in the National Guard. The show is about to go into overdrive stand by the protections that you know are required maintained the vibration of love and continue to shine a light on those who spew forth darkness. The time of reckoning is near only those who know they are at misalignment. Have reason to panic. The warriors of light will always be protected by the most high the Djelic forces are ever vigilant. Our interactions and interventions will become increasingly visible as needed. Be Strong and assist us as we assist you through this great transition which has already begun. You are loved and protected in life and beyond in over unity. You shall find the path forward as you learn from your stumbles gamma q maximum fund dot. Org Comedy and culture artist owned

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