Sean Durant and Regina A. Mason (Ep. 16, 2020)


I live by if we sat around and waited for the scholars. Academics the People with all the money and and lofty titles to retrieve this story. We would still be waiting if we waited for someone in Hollywood to give us a permission a permission to make this Phil. We would still be waiting. The bottom line is something that William Grimes shows us in this film and in this book is to give yourself permission and I want women to take that away that message to way children anyone who has a desire or is passionate about anything. Don't wait for someone to tell you. Yes you can because you'll be waiting a long time. You have to go out there and see the moment by any means necessary. Okay and when I say any means necessary I mean in a good law abiding way. You can get your story out there. It's stories are powerful story telling changes perspective. You're not out there pointing fingers and saying Oh you were this year that You should have done it this way. No you simply telling your story and people people will take away what they need from this story and we have people come to us all the time and talking about how this movie has inspired them in and inspired them in ways that we never even conceptualize so storytelling is powerful. Film is a great way to tell a marvelous story and so is writing Your life story but I another thing that I want our audience to come away with is that genealogy for the African American has the power to reclaim what was wants to night. You see by reclaiming the lives of our people who were often do marginal and insignificant. We get a chance to honor them when we reclaim history and through that process of reclaiming and honoring our ancestors fortify And they help to make us whole that is very important to me and I want people out there into generation only talking about the family story so often we hear about. Oh who wants to talk about that? I mean I've heard this so many times. Who wants to talk about picking cotton you know? Let's leave that in the past. But yeah we gotta talk about the painful things we have to talk about the history and what we lived through so that the young can remember what it was like. But not only that they're gonNA carry those names forward so they're not forgotten they're gonNA carry those locations for there'll be a memory of where our people came from and then once you start doing the research you put meat on the bones and then a story develops one worthy of remembrance and sharing so. I hope she has journey the Search William. Grimes spark that kind of an interest and dialogue. One final question. Were you able to reach out Benjamin? Grimes family once. You completely just prajit. I'll let me tell you yes? The year was two thousand when my mother and I took a trip back to King George County. Virginia where William Grimes was born and the State Eagle's nest still stands. And that was the home of Benjamin Grimes and I wanted to. I in fact I was invited to go back and to Tour the ground with the present day owner who had no affiliation with the The family by the Way Eagle's nest remained in the family for three. The grimes and fits your family for three. Hundred Years before. So in nineteen seventy four. The year I Began high school so That legacy was rich and very much entrenched and I went back there at the tation of the present day owner and he told me that you know we really should get this story to the historic local historical society because it's he thought it was a compelling story long story short at the time in the year. Two Thousand Win. I thought we had come a long way. As a nation I was with the story was sort of rebuffed and they were not interested in it and then I realized what I was up against so I I let it alone and when my book came out in two thousand eight and even to the present time I get people contacting me all all the time saying that we are related and these are wiped grinds his fifties and we have connected and they're the younger generation who are definitely open to the story and so this sort of taking an interesting and a nice.

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