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Apple's new iPad Pro isn't quite ready to replace your laptop



First topic is one. I'm eager to get to and it's largely because it's not about the corona virus we have Scott on shares impressions of the new IPAD. Pro Scott Ready. Check your macbook out. Police say yes. No I wish this is. This is an interesting Review Process so obviously working from home and So I thought about this as we left her offices a couple of weeks ago in in you know some people were like well what you still have a laptop anyhow but the point is everyone suddenly finding that their equipment is in limited supply and it new be really great to just you know. I keep thinking the ipad which allowed people have ipads lying around. And you think well. Why can't this be a full-fledged computer and it's it's hampered largely by apple's software you know at this point twenty eighteen review the IPAD. Bro and the hardware was great. But it was really about the like. How open was it? How multitasking was it so track pad? I went back and I looked in. I wanted to track in twenty twelve. So this is literally been eight years going The longest request ever and it felt overdoing. It's finally here so I will. That's my long way of saying the best thing about the new IPAD. Pro is something. That's not part of just the IPAD pro The track pad support is really helpful. It's not perfect. Though so right now I paired imagine track pad with it it should work with Bluetooth mice and other types of track pads like basically you can try plugging something at home to an ipad with a thirteen. Point four update. That's out and see where you're mileages. Which is really cool. That's Kinda where everyone's at it allows you to use it more like a computer like I could stand up the IPAD in control stuff. Why does that matter for editing? So for me? It's cutting and pasting getting in that workflow. It's really annoying on an ipad. But you you wrote that review on your ipad right. I did although I didn't. I tried my best to get it all into the system. And it's in at some point. I was like for speed. I gotta get back to the laptop. So the editing works but also part of it is that apple's APPs and the whole happy consistent had not been updated for Apple Apple's core work apps like Pages still need to flip the switch Or they may have just gotten the updates at the track but they should be happening really soon to make that Selecting of tax work better. I've found that it was really wonky and didn't work like a laptop all the time things like Google Docs. You'll have to wait for the rest of the OS. There's two and three finger touch and other stuff. You probably are discovering this so it's a lot better than the irs thirteen Thing that the the hidden mouse support before which was not great. That is my main thought on the IPAD PRO. The rest of it is a really minor update and it reminded me so much of the twenty eighteen pro. If you twenty eighteen pro you really fine. The speed gains were so minimal. Were non-existent in a Geek bench. Five Apple says it's more graphics gains and thermal envelope so it's like running at maximum thermal of that is the thermal really. Know what it really means. It means using the I go for like for like superpower stuff and running it all the time. The new one may run better but you know. That's a specific use case the the whole now the AR thing because I've I'm Mr Aarp. Yeah let the camera because that is the other big superficial muscle but the material change. It's got the kind of square bump thing that the iphone eleven has right. Yes but it's also different so it looks like the iphone eleven bump it's pretty significantly different. I has two cameras like the iphone. Eleven proud wide-angle and ultra wide twelve may pixel and ten megapixel so the camera quality is not who is good but it's close so talk about a are finally. Scott you cover a are what your thought is a light art sensor. This is interesting because it's a five meter. Just sorry just to be. Let's speculate on. What is the light our sensor for readers to ensure Sony so what this basically does is it is it sends out. Ping's to sense and map the depth of a space read the Three D. Environment. Add Up to five meters. So this tech. If you've been following this type of stuff has been around Google Tango. Their phones could could scan the environment. Heck go all the way. Back to the connect The connect Microsoft Canaria. Could scan that tag. Got Shrunken Down into the Hall Lens. Into Apple's face. Id Camera Lighters different than that. It's in cars but it's kind of a similar idea and that it's pinging longer range to get a more accurate. So what's the point will like any. Ar headset is GonNa do that. Three Mesh Mapping of the environment to know where things are in place things so not just like floors walls like furniture. Your cat people walking by like if it has a live update it could like continued update and do that but it's power hungry so that is a very big step for apple in their ar pursuits. And that's the tech. I would expect to see in the IPHONE and eventually in glasses and other things like. They're they're there for them. It's interesting for us. You know it's all about how good the APPS are right now. There are no APPS to test with it so I had almost no real formative opinion on this because it's all attention claims apple's core APPs do a little bit like the you can pop up in what's called air quickview you could play around and put a little item down to notice that now. It will jump on a pile of books. I put in the video or like on a chair which you couldn't do before answer. It's basically like more bay storage one twenty eight versus sixty four but it's kind of the same proposition and I didn't get to use the most interesting thing. Which is that magic keyboard that new keyboard case? Oh yeah yeah coming out in. May but it's like three hundred three hundred fifty dollars. It's like all of this. Whoa yeah it's it's really yeah reader. Fifty Bucks Yeah. It's the cost of a basic like an ipad mini much because it's the cost of a basic ipad or cost of a chromebook cost of switch. You know Wow yeah wow yeah and so like right now with this economy and everyone if you got if you got the money you hey congratulations but for a lot of other people. That's not a consideration so I'm curious but it's that's it's already a luxury thing and it's a luxury in top of a luxury. I would just say my advice for folks Considering that keyboard save your mind for toilet paper expensive in a little while saving for the teepee

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Apple's new iPad Pro isn't quite ready to replace your laptop

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