Coping with the food landscape during a pandemic


This is where we are not recording on our kitchen table as we normally do. We are currently speaking to each other looking each other through video recording on like a video chat. And that's why the audio doesn't sound as great as what you know released to. We just wanted to kind of fit together already. Quick Emergency Series to help you navigate. Diet COCCIA BODY IMAGE ISSUES. This weird kind of food landscape that we're in at the moment this weird time full of in dieting tate. We wanted to help give you some good stuff resources positive and saying how you feel better annisten how we doing it say currently I can see Lachey on a video screen. She can say me we've done into these people they sway as well and Yeah I mean how you really naughty how you doing well. I had a bit of a realization yesterday. Thoughts this kind of cycling through lots of different emotions I go. I was reading giggly for example and then I realized that if I stalked and just thought about it for minute that she fading Really Sodom ready scattered semi giggles like tips over NSA crying and the very rapid change in how. I'm feeling which I'm sure that listeners could probably relate is grief so I think I think we're collectively grieving will pass. Lives the wells where we could just step outside the front door Down the street in Kathrina Silva isn't it? The the freedom of both psychologically and physically is on the loss of that is something that I'm I'm ready feeding the moments but I'm okay. I'm alright just so weird. Isn't it how you how are you feeling really similar really? I think the Iranians that I've been looking at on social media like radio impressed an absolutely loving reading people's posts about how that ray enjoy his time to meditate and do yoga Latin language and a new hope night at tonight themselves and I think that's a lovely. I'm one hundred percent not doing any of that because I'm schooling. My children. Work is absolutely just so hectic busier than ever. And when you're self employed you tight what when when you as well so I feel like I'm spending a lot of time walking which is good because I enjoy the WOK and I'm spending a lot of time with the kids and I think this weekend probably be the first time that it really hits me because I've been busy And I'm just kind of getting through hour by hour antiquing list and being with the kids. I haven't really had a huge amount of time to kind of price. That's what's going on in amendment. I'd love to learn mandarin or something like well. It's I think it's really interesting though because I think what this is showing us is. How all kind of natural states respond in a change of circumstances. So you know. I'm finding who accepted the on. Probably a bit more of an introvert than I used to be. So this toll staying home thing. Knock seeing anyone. I am down with that. I'm quite happy to to be at home but I think there's something about the The the list of projects like Oh. Now's the time I can read this thing and do this. E Costa Last year and I can spring clean house. I think but it is a form of trying to take control of your situation in which we don't have any control and that's just all brain just protecting us from that so I think we just need to kind of making the list is enough like to feel like we have some control over the situation. I don't think we actually need to learn them under three interesting sang. That 'cause I'm always say body. Collins is all about body Image Diet Colin and mental health. And how the subjects into secretary parenting on social justice issues on the thing. The thing I really night chased is how when people are anxious it might offend all sorts of different ways people who have made a been an recovered from Diet Coccia or maybe in a eating disorders or disordered eating or a variety around body image. Who've been fine now their anxieties coming back a situation that we have no control an old. She's that they've gone through before and I think he's really interesting. That whole thing about you wanting to gain some control so people looking to gain control by do not nights of high workouts for example which are like everywhere lyman or being where he controlled about that reaching and then that whole feed landscape where the moment where people are shopping in different way and then why that is going to run out or maybe. They've got a lot to of food in the cupboards and then used to having that much freedom competence and that that can be tricky for some people. We've got a brilliant gas dawn today. Hyper Guy who's a campaign? She got an amazing book. I'll link all of her places in the show nights. That hype campaign is dumped scales campaign. She's not over. She just reached over a hundred thousand signatures on her changed all petition. She's campaigning to change the way that eating disorders are diagnosed in the UK. And taking away from how having a minimum white basically in order to help and we have actually talked about her campaign previous on the. Po Costs into a that will share in a minute talks about food. Lion's gate and how to kind of navigate this this weird time from the angle and it might be really helpful if you are recovering from an each disorder old disordered eating or even just you know diet culture which I think. We're all kind of recovering from two CY. Young Son How he's been managing that whole aspect of things not well. I've really noticed. All of those kind of body shaming soft tweets and memes and stuff going around about people saying what their body might be like after this is over on the basis of what you've just said. I you know different Change to our eating habits or exercise habits or whatever I find that really fascinating that that's something that people are focusing on because that sought to sort of direct line between our bodies function on. What's going on out there in the world right now like the idea that health is at such a premium right now and. I don't know I'm still kind of figuring it out. I guess I'm really grateful to be in a body that is healthy that doesn't have underlying health conditions understand. That has a massive privilege in that I think about my friends and my family situations Nano people you do have those underlying health conditions I'm worried for them. But it's it feels like it's kind of a few steps down from about these look like now and that's really fascinating that when we get out of this. I'm ready interested in whether that will just change Perceptions of our bodies. What how we prioritize them. Oh how we perceive them what do you reckon I cannot say Lonnie I can ask really helpful positive looking on I feel like diet collishaw and like some of the FA favorite memes and Jake's have been going round and say like influences like selling immunity boosting recipe ease at which also at the same time. Get Your own point Arabs. I feel like what could could die coach. You don't give us a break. Like the world is on his knees right now. Can we know what just no life for second? I think that I say that says you can point about kind of let's cut like actually practice. Gratitude for bodies can day. I'm on and say these like literally fighting off this invisible virus and and I think that's interesting. I think with it with regards system the means and stuff that I've seen gotten around always see in a situation like this. Humor is is a valid coping strategy. Or how people are dealing with earnings authority over rain via and Huma is often used as a tool for that and I guess it's just a shame the alot of The Hema at the moment that people seem to be finding comforting is around basically fat shaming and I. Guess not just comes back to that thing that we've always said is that like fat shaming and body shaming is like the last bastion of accessible.

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