The Latest: Trump: federal PPE stockpile nearly depleted


As president his administration trump took to the tries White House to control podium the yesterday corona virus for the spread deal the president coronavirus trump says update he's considering and veered limiting into travel several between other topics virus hot spots the briefings in the U. S. of often gone more few than people an hour are actually sometimes flying two anywhere almost entirely the TSA says focused that screen on the virus to fewer than one yesterday's hundred fifty thousand began with the Tuesday president flanked compared by top to more Pentagon than two officials million announcing the same day counter last drug year operations but there near are Venezuela still limited we flights must not between let places the drug like cartels New York and exploit Detroit the pandemic and the president's weighing then a limiting series travel of rhetorical we are thinking questions about about hot social spots we media go from did you know spot his number to one spot office full McKinney time I but just he's found offering out I'm number mixed one face messages because of those at very first nice seeming to suggest and Dr he wants Toni to temporarily found she's high ground school all aerobics domestic flights is a great basketball we're looking at the player whole did thing anybody but know then but worried the president about did the impact keep most on struggling of the focus airlines on the virus once issuing you do that another you really warning are for the nation to you brace really itself are for the coming weeks I began an that industry are going to be that horrific is desperately Sager needed make saying ani Washington shutting down all flights would be very very rough decision Sager mag ani Washington

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