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Rocket mortgage is with you respond to a couple of tweets here let's see we got some that they can't hear and then some that that are nice let's see both of them were actually you know I'm not saying the ones that I can there are nice I'm just reading through some of them let's see what we got a couple want to get to in particular one Ricky Seagram's chimes in via Twitter and again AT cell underscore Licata L. I see eighty eight talking about the the first call to start the show trivia question this guy called every show today with that question it's went to come and Colfax thank you for that another call or excuse me another tweeter Jacob hander tweet me on behalf of bills mafia and this is an important one on behalf of bills mafia I wanna apologize for that call ranting about Josh Allen Matt Ryan John sounds young QB with potential it just remains to be seen what will happen and McDermott's defensive coach was the best fit for young QB thank you and you know you left out it's insulting to Matt Ryan an M. V. P. to compare Josh Allen tomb I mean I get people want to say that Ryan is not Aaron Rodgers although he did demolish him in the NFC championship game a couple years ago and you know he he is he has gone toe to toe with drew Brees put drew Brees unfortunately has the once you ball Matt Ryan does not but I could see if you wanna put those guys ahead of him you know let's not get nuts here excuse me one more William true kalo Patroclus whatever I don't know how to say it William let's just say I agree thousand percent about the Dolan tweets paramedic in Westchester county sitting here at work hoping I won't get sick it's disgusting to see with some of the tweets are and that was in reference to the people who were tweeting you know things about Dolan lightly basically you know trying to have some fun with Jim Dolan testing the owner of the X. testing positive for the corona virus that is not something that that is that is nice at all you know we're looking over and with the NFL free agents some of the top guys that are left you know G. Debbie on Clowney is still left and he's gonna make a difference wherever he goes you get cam Newton to get James once a term of three number one picks are out there three number one picks in NFL free agency still there clan is gonna get a big deal who knows what Newton and ones that are going to get and where they would go but I have a hard time believing that you wouldn't want to take a chance you know again you look at the bears the bears going get Nick Foles you'd rather get Nick Foles then cam Newton I think I'd even rather take James once and and look I don't love Winston and the numbers would change significantly in a different offense of system is not going to throw thirty interceptions now we may not lead the league in your did you mean I throw for thirty three touchdowns of thirty interceptions in a more balanced offense he can make some plays though the raiders on Mariota I don't you read that Mariota them both cam Newton Jameis Winston Phil Brevard has been canned tuna James Winston Ryan Fitzpatrick with the dolphins you'd rather have him than you would cam Newton let's say I don't know there's got to be a better this to somebody's got to take a chance on these guys I mean you don't can't do more than B. P. not too long ago M. the risk of his injury can't be that bad you're gonna pay a hundred million Bucks I would be intrigued by both those two options if I were a quarterback needy team like I was saying yesterday the problem is I guess is that you have teams now that want to go with their own young guy and try to you know make the most of their guy and develop him as opposed to going to pick up somebody else's castoff or if you have your guy in place you're gonna charge drafted develop your own young guy will continue to develop or you already have a guy in place so you think all who would wanna use cam Newton the quarterback who could use cam Newton quarterback play so bad around the league I think cannot be better than dak Prescott in Dallas and only love can I don't isn't all over the place but the guy is I mean he's a beast when healthy he's been a beast down on the goal line is dangerous Hey maybe you give him a little more weapons of put him tried in a different office of system it's just not accurate down the field that's what made me a little crazy about camp but still I would take a chance on NJ assuming somebody that throws thirty three touchdowns he's got some potential I was a number one pick you know these guys have some potential there is a camera would even better than Josh Allen a buffalo about that kind of similar judge Joe makes his biggest plays with his legs now I know the potential may be greater maybe hope that you know he that deep ball that he throws you know Allen's got a cannon but is it accurate is gonna be smart enough to know Kimmons already won an MVP candles ready been to a Super Bowl bill says open Josh al could one day Smith some of that success but it will be fascinating to see where both all three of those former number one pick.

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