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Virus is giving us some really interesting news of the Jews. You quit corona hits. The university basketball team. You'll remember that. They made the tournament in division three in their conference and fear over. The Corona virus followed them as they went from New York to Maryland. They had their hotel rooms cancelled by the Doubletree Hilton in Pineville. You see if it was going to compete in the first round of the D. Three NC double A. Tournament's but earlier in the week a student at the university had tested positive for the corona virus. And so they get thrown out of the tree when they arrived at the hotel. The concered you'd like us to choose who booked Saddam's Yano for your book. I understand like why you canceled classes. It's not the craziest leap that they might not want this. The thing that's messed up is that they cancelled the rooms telling them it wasn't like let's talk and figure something out. Can you guys get back and forth? That's the weird part again. This virus is very anti Semitic the guy though like that's okay we have some camps for you that you can stay is taking this dark week. Two things really but since you would like to take the train but in other news of divine intervention not only. Did they win that game? Aren't they won? The second game against Harrisburg and here. They are for the first time in Jewish history in the sweet sixteen which is weird. 'cause sweet sixteens or traditionally not ready. Jewish there if they win the really elite Shmona Suites at Zion as we said also is like a very big thing in Israel right now and they're taking very aggressive measures my friend quarantine because her and her boyfriend had been to a conference in New York. And so they're in quarantine right now. She's making a lot of very impressive dishes or meals. Just really amazing. And there's a great twitter thread by Amy Spiro. Who is a Jewish journalist? She basically points out that the health ministry has been putting together itineraries of all the confirmed corona virus patients in Israel. So they basically like everything they've done for the past however many days and she says it's providing a fascinating insight into how people spend their time she writes. I feel kinship with the woman who visited quote all of the stores at a mall and Renamo and I appreciate that. She spent exactly fifteen minutes at a party. I have some questions for the man who spent three hours. Kia in bear chevra. I also extremely appreciate the man who spent only thirty minutes in shoe on Saturday morning. I was there for fifteen no judgment so basically. She's just sort of compiling the funny behavior and that is actually my fear. You know the the first sort of patient zero in Westchester. There's like a map on the New York Times. If like he went to work he took the metro north. You went to the courthouse and I'm very worried about what mine would look like like. She went to BALLOON SALOON TO PICK UP PRESENCE FOR A friend. She got a macho law. Like it really makes you think about your macho. Then again to the Macho. She got us to the Macho. Lot is like how many much alone seven thousand dollars in one. Here's the good news is if those virus spreads through much. I'm in the clear I've never. I've totally good. My favorite mean though online for the corona virus from Israel was the health ministry issued new cautionary procedures. Please no shaking hands. No hugging no kissing. If you can nause preceded normal ads keeping the news of the Jews really really dark an Argentine soccer player. He's in trouble because he made an anti Semitic gesture. What was the gesture? Like if I told you Stephanie Leal Argentinian. Soccer player made an anti Semitic gesture can. Can you even name an anti Semitic gesture? What would it be? Do you think what was the one from a few years ago? The canal all right. That's the French one. What is that it was sort of subdued highlights? It's like a High Hitler not a high a medium. Oh Hey Hitler that's you know I have no idea what an anti-semitic symbol is. Our knowledgeable consol is his gesture is right hand on his head. Symbolizing Yarmulke left hand on his genitals I guess for for circumcision. So hand on the head hand on the genitals that means Jew in In the Argentinian Premier Li anti-semites are particularly obsessed with like male Jewish Genitalia. In a way that I don't really understand and we actually. I think we should kind of cop this. Because we can't make the shape of the cross I think she just embraced spectacle testicles while it's young Yarmulke Bris and women can't do it at all so this yeah I was gonna say really sexist that this is really sexist. What's your symbol for for our Aldo? Finally taking it to more philosophical note I want to talk about the Justice Department ordering the deportation of Tennessee. Resident Friedrich Karl. Berger Ninety four years old they say was an armed guard at a concentration camp in Germany that he was part of the SS machinery of oppression according to an assistant attorney general and he said this is Brian. Monzo ski of the Justice Department. This ruling chose the departments continued commitment to obtaining a measure of justice however late for victims of wartime Nazi persecution. So they're going to deport him to take a stand against Nazism. So I have to be honest. I read this story. And I thought Friedrich Karl Berger Ninety four years old is there anything to be gained by deporting the ninety four year olds? I know that like we should punish Nazis. Don't get me wrong I'm anti-nazi thank you for making that clear. But really he's ninety four. Is there no moment which you say? Just like he's got a year left. Let him do the Sudoku in peace in Tennessee. Is this crazy of me? Basically what you're suggesting. That should be an age. Cutoff Age. You turn ninety congratulations. You know you've gotten away with it. This is your guard Mitzvah kinda completely immune from all persecution you today your immune from justice and the one had that sounds. Kinda grotesque other. I kind of agree with. I mean he's ninety four. What are you going to achieve? What what kind of measure of justice would be had this? Stop Stop at savage with us. I don't understand by the fact that you're descending aussies who have been living in America in these communities where they're hiding their identity by this guy has been getting a pension from Germany this entire time based on his employment including his wartime service. He was a good oberstar Murph. You're in the camp. He did a good job earned. That pension hate this idea that once these Nazis get old that we're like always the ninety four. Would we be mean to him? He's learned his lesson. No He's been living these people who can something. Oh you can't say some done. This is firing me up. You weren't allowed to come to the United States. If you had a Nazi back onto everyone who came to the United States basically obscured their wartime history though government actually brought a huge trade in the magazine Ozzy's to how things scientists and Shit if you WANNA persecute people persecute the people who brought the Nazis over. Okay if I'm successful. If we're talking about justice at large the brought to justice I but I want to make this man uncomfortable deporting back to Germany. See what they do there. Because I think it's like it's kind of bullshit. I also think a little bit is take away his Netflix. A little bit of this is like no more Internet car lip service right like because they couldn't catch these guys earlier seventy here. Obviously I'm pro just again. Let me restate. I'm Anti-nazi d'avray tests to justice. I protest too much. What apparently I've said that approve. Here's the thing it's sort of if you look at justice in the big picture like people skate on stuff all the time. There are murderers who do six years. There are people who are really active Nazis who then ended up in the postwar German government and never paid any penalty for it right. This guy sounds like he was a sort of middling guy he was. Look lots of people were members of the Party? And we're in the army. I mean you had the they were conscripted. He's ninety four. He's living in Oakridge Tennessee. It strikes me as kind of like performance of justice. That doesn't actually help any human being alive in two thousand twenty. Plus here's the other thing market and this Stephanie. I think goes to the reason why there have been so few attempts relatively to bring these people to justice because look at them. Jagna case right. I mean there's an oak in this terrible terrible or is this an okay netflix. Show about it is a very good book about it. This is a case of a person who suspected of being a concentration camp guard was was prosecuted here with her security. Prosecuted here was sort of extradited to Israel stood trial there and then eventually was acquitted because the evidence just wasn't there then was excited again to Germany and died before trial concluded. Because it's really freaking hard to come up with precise once you say okay you're guilty. Then that person goes on trial and it's really hard to have that kind of trial seventy eighty years after the deed trying to kind of figure out who was what I love the deed as like the ultimate euphemism for the Holocaust can I. Can I just jump in here? One second really quick because Oh producer Josh. Thank you for all the things that I'm crazy bleeding-heart left about. I don't care if other people got away with other crap. I don't care how long it's freaking band if we found out tomorrow. Ted Cruz actually was son of SAM or Zodiac killer. We'd freaking the son of the son of Sam that his dad was. We'd freaking punish him and you know what we don't have to send him to a gas chamber in Germany but we certainly can deport him and tell him you guys deal with them because you guys did this nursing home. I put them in your nursing home. You not cool you guys. Who had Nazis in your government our government who brought the Nazis over to be chief scientists? We're going to over to you so you deal with him but I will punish guy. Punish them all but we can vinyl point to Stephanie. But look is this guy never requested a transfer from the camp he was at. You could have done that. I get it. There are people who are cogs in this machine. A piece of evidence was sounds like an identification card with his name on it about guards at this camp. This actually seems to be like a pretty open close case where you saw like. There's evidence to him to this thing and yes I get old and I get it that it's not really necessarily doing much psychically for us but I think it's like why would we not do it. Stephanie Budnick Harm Analysis anti-nazi Mark Oppenheimer Nazi to federal. I'd watch Netflix.

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