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The US declares a national emergency.


The corona virus pandemic a national emergency in order to free up more money and resources in a shambolic press conference yesterday but when asked he denied any responsibility for the delays in making testing available for the new virus despite closing the White House pandemic office in two thousand eighteen speaking from the Rose Garden and flanked by business leaders doctors but not scientists trump said. I am officially declaring a national emergency freeing up as much as fifty billion dollars for state and local governments to respond to the outbreak. He also announced a new public private partnership to expand corona virus testing capabilities as his administration has come under fire for being too slow in making the test. Available trump said. I don't take responsibility at all for the slow roll out of testing the partnership will include drive through testing in some locations and an online portal to screen those seeking to get tested created by Google though the tech giant has since denied any knowledge of the website. He said he was giving secretary of Health. And Human Services Alex Azar emergency authorities to waive federal regulations and laws as needed for instance to allow doctors to practice telemedicine across state lines late on Friday house speaker. Nancy Pelosi announced a deal with the trump administration for an aid package from Congress that would provide free tests. Sick pay for workers and bolster food programs. Trump's seventy three minute remarks capt h you mulch. Us Week in which Washington strain for a comprehensive response to an outbreak that is testing. The Nation's political financial and healthcare systems hospitals welcomes trump's emergency declaration which they lawmakers in Congress had been requesting trump has struggled to show. He's on top of the crisis after giving conflicting descriptions of what the US is doing to combat the virus trump on Friday said we may have to include the UK in the European travel ban after a journalist asked why they had been excluded despite having more corona virus cases than some other nations lawmakers from both parties expressed alarm at the US response and especially over how few patients have been tested. We're basically in my opinion. Flying Blind said representative. Suzy Lee whilst it's true. The US has presented some of the fewest numbers of corona virus cases. It's not due to any preventative measures taken by the administration but merely due to lack of testing meaning that the true numbers of cases in the country a completely unknown

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The US declares a national emergency.

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