March Madness: Marc Ccillon

Sports Criminals


Everyday in March. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals of the past thirty one years today we look back at the year thousand and four French rugby star Mark. Cecil was beloved by many but also struggled with alcohol addiction and one August night. He drank too much and the results would be tragic. If you like this episode. Be Sure to come back tomorrow for more shocking sports events from history on our march madness. Special listen free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast August. Two Thousand Four French Rugby Star. Mark Cecil was in semi retirement. After in a lustrous career. He played forty six matches with the French Rugby Team. Making him a local and national hero in one thousand nine hundred ninety six the peak of his fame. He was awarded the French Order of Merit. He played with the France national team until age forty which commentators at the time described as a remarkable achievement but less than a decade later. His legacy sports legend would be shattered blown apart by five gunshots. Welcome to sports criminals. Apar- cast original. This is the fifteenth episode in our March Madness. Special this month. We're counting down the top thirty one sports scandals nineteen ninety. Two Thousand Twenty. I'm Carter Roy and I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to August seventh. Two thousand four and the gruesome murder that landmark Cecil in prison and permanently damaged his reputation. The party in Psalm Savant was quite well attended over. Sixty people were there to celebrate the end of the season. Most of them members of nearby rugby club the host Chris. John was best friends with rugby. Star marks Seo who had turned forty five the previous week mark and his wife Chantal had arrived at the party separately. Neither of them had spoken to each other much over the course of the evening mark hovered by the bar. Most of the night drinking seldomly chantal spent the evening talking with friends. Rumor had it that the married couple had been having problems for quite some time. The partygoers left mark alone for most of the night. His friends knew better than to approach him while he was drinking at around eleven pm. The host's wife by bet braved conversation. She tried to persuade the very drunk sesioana to eat something. The belligerent Jones shouted it bets attempts to sober him up. He struck her giving her a black eye. Sessions stormed out leaving. His shocked hosts and his wife behind a half hour later. When of begins sons sauce? Se On walking back to the villa typing something into his pocket. It was a revolver. Three fifty seven magnum. The teenager didn't have time to warn. The guests. Ascione entered the house and made his way straight for SEAN TALL. As He approached his wife he produced the pistol and fired five shots nearby. Guests tackled SESIOANA and wrestled the gun from his hand. Someone called the police and the chaos mark reportedly said. He wanted to see his wife when he heard what he'd done. He said that's not possible. I love her when he sobered up. The next morning says Yang was devastated to hear what he had done in court. He reportedly said. Why did I shoot? It's a question I shall ask myself all my life. I didn't plan anything. I wish I could understand cecil known as the quiet man of French. Rugby was sentenced to twenty years for murder. He was released seven years later on parole but that wasn't his last brush with the law. In September of two thousand eighteen. He received another twelve months sentence for driving under the influence of alcohol and drunkenly assaulting the owner of a vineyard. He admitted that his problems with alcohol or far from over since his sentence in two thousand eighteen says zone has kept a fairly low profile now. Sixty years old. Perhaps the last fifteen years will be a lesson to the disgraced team. Captain

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