Pelosi: House 'not prepared' to vote remotely on coronavirus relief bill


Us that okay our top National Congress could be hours away from agreeing a stimulus package of the few outstanding issues I don't see any that can't be overcome within the next few hours Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer not long ago while they're working on the Senate plan there's another one that just popped up house speaker Nancy Pelosi unveils a two point five trillion dollar Corunna violet coronavirus stimulus bill of around say that six times fast here's Mike our Senate Republican bill put corporations first policy outlined the take responsibility for workers and family acting a plan designed to give Democrats more leverage in negotiations with the White House the house bill would require any corporation accepting federal relief money to prioritize their workers wages and benefits over CEO pay layoffs or stock buybacks federal pandemic unemployment compensation would be six hundred dollars per week and each individual would receive between fifteen hundred dollars of government assistance of up to seventy five hundred dollars for a family of

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