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Pope asks Christians to recite Lord's Prayer amid coronavirus pandemic


In troubled times many people turn to a higher power for hope so during this pandemic the pope is calling on the faithful to join together in prayer at noon today Carol dis Kristin DS has more usually the first prayer you learn the our father today the pope is calling on believers everywhere to join in saying the prayer at noon the intent is to implore god to rid the world of the Kobe nineteen pandemic the Catholic diocese hopes to engage the almost one point three million Catholics here in Dallas bishop Edward burns and Greg Kelly have also invited other local denominations to join in as well including the northern Texas Louisiana area Lutheran church the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church and the episcopal diocese of Dallas the bishops say during this turbulent time it is important to pray for comfort and healing from the corona virus as well as those who are suffering dire financial circumstances because of it Kristin dheas news radio ten eighty K. R.

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