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How To Change Opinions With Your Podcast

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2 months ago

52. Milli Fox: trauma, learning self-worth, boundaries, and following your path to success.

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How To Change Opinions With Your Podcast


Are everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases. Wash your hands. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes nose and mouth. Stay home when you're sick. Cover your cough or sneeze. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects with household cleaning spray for more information visit. Cdc Dot Gov Slash Kovic Nineteen furnished by the National Association of Broadcasters. And this podcast. You can take this and put it into your podcast. You can start the discussion to help. Get this information out. If you go to Google at the very bottom of every google page you will see something that says do the five and there are five things that you can do to slow the spread of Corona virus. But know that not everybody is like not everybody is paying attention and also think about going to google. You do not have a personal relationship with Google that the people who are listening to your podcast have with you. That is the real power of podcasting. It is the ability to spread and important message and do it from a trusted source. Do it from somebody that people know like trust and agree with you. Have those people who are listening to you? So if this message is important to you. I hope you will spread this message about corona virus. Feel free to take that. Nabc PSA from this podcast edited. Chop it up. Do what you can get the word out about this. I will have a direct link to the PSA by itself from the episode notes page at Big PODCAST DOT COM by the way speaking them online presence. If you're curious about another way in which you can use this message. Look at my instagram. It's dig podcast. One podcast in the number one look at it for the corona virus. Psa video what I did is got a forty five second video with some more information about corona virus and how we can stop the spread of this. I've got the thirty second. Psa attached to that in the very beginning to that. I have some space that you can put a personal message to your audience. You can see how I did this again. Instagram DOT com slash. Big podcast? One you personal message you give the. Psa THE END. You can put your logo if you WanNa copy of that video. Reach out to me the way to do that. Big PODCAST DOT com. Thank you for helping your fellow human more than you already do with your message with this important message on how to stop the spread of Corona virus. I'll see you on the next episode of building big