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Love is Blind - burst 65


I'm not gonNA give anything away but all these people bet they weren't able to see each other then within days they got engaged then they meet and you kind of follow their journey from when they meet to when they don't get married. There were some plot twists and people who did some bad things. But you gotTa Watch it and then I dived in very deeply to all of their backgrounds. Visit Nicklaus Shea Vanessa. Show okay so Daniel in our little confused. Gandhi walked in this morning and said love is blind. Were show ever said you watched all and you start. You're actually digging into the backgrounds of the people. I needed answers about Carlton. Carlton drove me nuts and just had to do a little bit of a deep dive into what was going on. Him Wasn't Jessica you ever crush on. Carlton I do not do I do. I hate him but he's just very strange. But I'm counting down the days to till Dave Dave. Oh my God I can't wait. We love little dicky yeah. Have you seen the previews for day? Let Me Tell You. Go Look at the previews for David fx. I do believe it's the fourteenth when is it? I thought it was a fifth. Let me double check there for a few days now. So Dave

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Love is Blind - burst 65

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