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Love is Blind - burst 16


Are you working on my parade? Where are you going to go? Where are you going if you're not going to be my book because I cannot into your your actual White Well Happy Saint Patrick's Patrick's Day march seventeenth king every year. Which is on a Monday or to listen to what you're saying here listening to what you're saying we don't know what it's on. I have a solution to this and I these either from Harvard. Yale can't remember where there are some people from a very prestigious institution who said we have a new calendar. That's going to eliminate all confusion about what falls on what days and the way they figured. This calendar out is I read this over. The weekend is the way they Do the days on her days off. It will make it where your birthday falls on the same day. Every Christmas will fall on the same day every year. Every you'll always know what day events in your birthday will fall on Syria. Did anyone else did anyone else the possible because they have to rearrange the calendar is just like a big. It's not going to happen kind of thing Yeah Brody what well. They start every year on a Monday. They take out leap year and then every five or six years at a leap week week. The problem is that sounds great for holidays. But let's say you're birthdays on a Monday every year right. I don't want to the point where everyone gets stinky. I want my birthday on on Friday and a Saturday every now and then nope not new calendar sexual. We cannot on March seventeenth. You cannot be a female bisexual and being Saint Patrick's Day for right put it on the calendar market down. Do I sound like Colonel Sanders. You can get original or extra Chris. I like chicken anyway so I agree with you. I would rather have my birthday fall on different days of the week. This year that she would say Wednesday anyway. Let's take a break Do we have free something? Phone taps always the one thousand dollar twix cookies and cream free money phone and look what I got a box of. You do smell good. Even though I'm on a diet I will have a bite of. I love twix anyway. I gave up for lent stops. Norton the twix no. They gave me this box for after lent post length

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Love is Blind - burst 16

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