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Jesus is Our Judge (1 Corinthians 4:3)


Says a powerful little verse. In First Corinthians Chapter Four. That really goes on in the verses after this to elaborate on on judgment and how to think about judgment in the future particularly before. God but I love the way Paul puts this. He says listen. I'm not going to be judged by you or any human court. This is so good to know. Isn't it like I think about times? Where in my own life I have been criticized even for for something that I believe was right and I've been criticized for it. Spent a good reminder that moment that might critics are not my judge. No other human is my judge. No human court is going to judge. Meaning God is going to judge me. Obviously. There is reason for trembling at that thought. Apart from Jesus in Jesus have reason to be very glad that God is our judge and I love what Paul goes on to say he says in fact. I don't even Judge Myself I. How huge is that going back to thinking about? When I have received criticism I like start justifying myself and so trying to defend myself even if not publicly like internally just in my own thoughts to say why I'm right and why my critics are wrong or this or that. But that's where I remember. I'm not my judge either so just because I justify myself or I convince myself what I've done is is right. That's that's not what matters either but that's where the world would say okay just like self esteem as long as you are okay with what you did as long as you approve of what you did and you feel good about what you did like bosses. No I only even judge myself because on on the day of judgement salary me. Who's judging me? I looked to Jesus as my judge and so we don't look to others. We don't look to ourselves now regardless of whether or not. We're being criticized. I hope this an encouragement to you and really challenge to us all that. We don't live for others approval. We don't live even for our own approval. We live for the approval of one our judge and his name is Jesus so we pray help us God to keep our eyes fixed on you to have the right perspective. Help us not to get caught up in whether it's the criticism of others or desiring acclaim or applause from others or even just thinking about being consumed others think or thinking about being consumed what we think like help us to be consumed with to think all the time about what you think. You are judge. No Human Court Nathan not even ourselves so we pray God help us to

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