Martin Senn (Davinci Virtual) - Creating an Airbnb for offices


Martin. Welcome to the PODCAST oil. Good afternoon. Alex how are you doing today? I'm great I'm in La Urine Salt Lake. You're the COO. Of DAVINCI virtual super cool technology company kind of changing the way people work. But we'll get into all of that here shortly. Love to hear about who? You are how you got what you do now you know. You're you're an entrepreneur. Now were you were. You always an entrepreneur. Like how'd you get to this place in life? I mean my later fifties now. So it's been quite a quite a stretch but Today out of my office window. I'm looking at some snow covered peaks and Here in Utah but quite frankly that has a lot to do with my upbringing as well. I was born to Swiss parents in California. No snow covered peaks there but When I was about two years old we move back to Europe to Switzerland and spent my entire childhood and education in the tiny country of Switzerland. I grew up in a cow. Tom Literally six hundred and fifty people living their cows. Going up down the mountain every morning and night But then I Finished my studies at the University of Iraq and At the end of my program We actually had an opportunity to Work anywhere in the world For Global Business Program. Get additional credits. As I was a dual citizen with the United States I was able very easily to come back here and actually complete. My era ended up in Los Angeles where you are right now. Alex and I spent one year outside of Marina del Rey with a large travel wholesale company. thought I will be here for about a year. Go back to Switzerland do but good Swiss do which is pick a career for life work till they're sixty five get the Golden Watch and enjoy obviously. Didn't turn out that way I grew quite fond of the American way of life. But also the American dream and the American opportunity as I Finished my year in a had an opportunity to grow to work for two more years with a travel wholesale group that had offices in Colorado Hawaii in a couple of other areas I worked with him for the next couple years and started building call centers and call centre software for them. I really enjoy to that particular line of work but In in the early nineties we had an opportunity to acquire a competitor here in park city. Utah and At that point chose to take that position and moved here I thought it was going to be here for another year or two. Obviously now. It's been almost thirty so Things have worked out differently but You know I found you and I think I found my place not just From a personal perspective but also from a fresh perspective. Marin it's a it's a cool story kind of how you've go these different places and you say oh. I'll try this out there for a year and then you kind of just really kind of your very much open to you. Know seeing if you like it if you don't like it what's good about. It was bad about it and that's so unique I think. Can you hear from a country in Europe? Far Far Away experimenting. What you like what you don't like. What do you think is inside of you that you know allows you to just have like such an open? Mind as you're as you're going through this well a felt like part of the reason why I chose to leave Switzerland in the first place and goalwards internationally. Right was a felt. Probably confined wanted to expand my horizons. I wanted to see more of the world but also learn more in the business world and I think that's what drove me Kind of to become my guests a little bit of a traveling workman anyhow in the first place. I think the second piece of it is you know you find yourself Still without normally family responsibilities or large responsibilities try out different lines of work may be starting experimenting with certain things and I think one of the big differences here in the states whereas Switzerland this entrepreneurism and small businesses. Very much alive right. It's very much driven. There's literally millions of companies Back home things are big more traditional of ignore established and quite frankly small businesses still outside of the macro economist may be still Something that's not that much. Never did I really enjoyed it. Obviously that's why I'm here and You know I migrated from the travel industry down into coming mysteries worked extra for a very large telecom group here in Salt Lake City a for almost a decade and exited nine hundred ninety nine Because I was frustrated with The Red Tape. Maybe the lack of ability to affect change technology etc. And I wanted to regroup at that. Point was actually quite a pivotal day in in my professional career so I went back out on my own. I started my own consulting firm and actually that's how my business partner and Bill Nick in two thousand five and it was kind of almost an odyssey and a match of talent and Bishen. And that's when I truly felt we had something special and I wanted to get involved with that. Yeah it's it's interesting. How you talk about kind of your upbringing of thinking about you're always go work for a big company need. Just do that for your entire life. Get the gold watch retire but then it's what the cool part of your journey is is that you had an this open mindset to go see experiment see what. Martin was really put on this earth to do and you have this entrepreneurial spirit inside of you and so yeah you did the the corporate route and like many people. You saw yeah. I don't like all this red tape. Bureaucracy let's go. I can do this better out of my own all-star consulting and then we'll we'll see where it takes me. Yeah and you know it comes with With a joy and with pain obviously Alex you know that as well You know If you want to be an entrepreneur If you like building things from the ground up it obviously comes with without the safety blankets in a lot of cases right so you gotta have a risk tolerance. I think you've got to have the desire to really drive You know The notion of never quit the notion of being responsible for all it's really part of that journey and but I also feel that it is the most rewarding way to work if you have the ability to to truly do what you like can enjoy and push forward and grow something special. I think that's the most rewarding thing you can professionally aside from obviously you know Establishing a family and have a good family live and grow kids

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