Spike Lee and James Dolan are having a silly feud over which MSG entrance Lee can use


Area obviously the fallout continues on from Spike Lee having to sort of be re routed or potentially routed from the entrance he's been in all these years and it upset him greatly so we went on first take and then the next the next released a statement saying it's laughable that he's playing the victim card and actually posted footage of the VIP entrance and then a touching of hands in some way shape or form with Knicks owner James Dolan and Spike Lee as he was upset about he could use the app is used for twenty four years and about how you feel about that part of it which I understand if the Knicks are trying to avoid that I get that it was handled clumsily I think that's an easy way to say all of this correct yes it was handled in a way that seemed almost designed to draw attention to it yeah after after by the weight Leon rose as the team present the first came with him they beat the rockets right the Knicks are not a good team and they beat a good team and yet this became the story so obviously someone having an issue with James Dorn is a nothing new but be it reminded us of someone else who very recently had a very public issue with that is a square garden and James Dorn that'll be Charles Oakley who was escorted out of the building by executing was told in twenty seventeen by James Dorn you'll never get into MSG again even if you buy a ticket so of course we were gonna have Charles Oakley on the show this morning to talk about what he thought of the Spike Lee situation of what is going on under James Jones ownership and let's just say Charles did not hold back it is a plantation whether it's good bad people won't talk about is real bad over there someone may have been but I think it was twenty years old ten million dollars in new quick about it because though that bill what what is this mail problem bottle control you so much of a control freak then he heard the whole NBA them all immediately this guy hit land every month or every other week with something that don't have many women together with individual people life we should be going to live with them days will be cold with this control freak in all this that if the court would be in the business you have to have people to work for you so you have to go with people to succeed in life you got into trouble operating business you need people to work he was in distress are working every day wow I mean he listen it was a hell of an interview no doubt about it and and and I guess he he kind of gave an answer by saying that he thinks in all honesty the league should take the franchise away from him but that's not gonna happen but he can he compare him to Donald sterling he said because we've pointed out this on numerous occasions that none of this changes while James Dorn is the owner we don't expect some metamorphosis from him and his point was this is so bad for the lead we saw another very different instance but he pointed out the comparison with Donald sterling saying the league stepped in then he believes the league should step in now I I just don't see them doing that and just like we all don't see no matter who the coaches the GM is the president is good likely on rose that it doesn't matter because players are not you if you're gonna build a team what what Charles Oakley said you're not the building through the draft when you draft somebody to come there because big time free agents are not coming to play for the Knicks yeah what happened this past summer they cleared all the cap space in two point prime free agents did they just didn't go to the next they went to the nets and Stephen A. Smith is in on this as well basically saying the culture of the next sadly is still the culture now I can't he can't he can't help the Knicks win and winning you will accept already and still make the culture that you can get that part the only expense but the only person that can fix this culture change though James Dolan have stopped thank hi guys that that's in Charles Oakley brought that I mean you you you you're in New York you have to have a little bit of a tougher widely I mean okay we can bring that up what do you think that's going to happen if we don't we don't there's no chance that we think that's going to happen this guy owns the most or the franchise won the most in all the NBA one fifth in all of sports right in that area four point six billion dollars he is not as we talk about money should make you treat people assert what you treat people but this guy ain't changing no well that's I guess that's the issue and all this right is you look at it and say unless someone else does step in James Dorn is gonna own this team for as long as he wants a life is about what's incentivized writing his behavior based on the numbers that you just said has been incentivized it is been shown Hey this is a lucrative for you it may not win you basketball games but it's going to make you money you're gonna get to feel important and do all the things that come along with owning the Nixon owning Madison Square Garden and yada yada yada on down the list but what can we count on until that is an endless loop of things like this what an endless loop of Fruita futility so much so that if the Knicks are other good it's going to be completely on accident yeah yeah it's going to be just because within the body of a long period of time a broken clock is right twice a day

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