Joe Biden Accepts Endorsements at Dallas Rally the Night Before Super Tuesday


Okay as we approach super Tuesday there is a lot of campaign activity to keep track of people to judge the former mayor of south bend Indiana has endorsed former vice president Joe Biden the judge suspended his own presidential bid last night also today Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar plans to suspend her campaign and she also endorsed by them they're set to appear together in Dallas NPR political correspondent Asma Holland has been traveling with the biting campaign she joins us now has some other there are let's begin with this booty judge endorsement what did he say tonight well it just happened a few minutes ago here in Dallas and he said he was delighted he endorsed by did in part because you feel like you know this is not just about winning the presidency it's about winning the local Senate and house races and he made some sort of I think coded references to Bernie Sanders suggesting that being the loudest is not always about being right he also mentioned that he feels like Joe Biden it's just a particularly decent person he sees that he said would you run against him but also when you start your wedding comes with own hometown of south bend while he was vice president okay just a step back for a moment though I mean we see endorsements from the judge from club which are along with an endorsement from former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid which also came today for Biden how big a deal do you think are all these endorsements put together today I mean it's tricky I mean for Joe Biden said get news right you had a pretty rough opening to this primary season finishing in fourth place in fifth place he's I hope you had a remarkably strong last seventy two hours not only would that resounding victory in South Carolina but they're just getting us we would contortionist and really what we've seen is we've seen a moderate candidate in this race decide that they were going to coalesce around one single alternative to Bernie Sanders and they decided that that best alternative is Joe Biden you know on the other hand though Bernie Sanders had run at the anti establishment figure in some way not really he's in North Dakota bolstered his theory of the case which is that the democratic establishment it is not for him and they have never supported him and didn't you know he's not always been a part of a long time member of the Democratic Party right so if you're on the Sanders campaign right now I guess how might you be feeling seeing all these endorsements coming in for a bite and I mean it's a tricky thing to say what they wanted an endorsement from someone like beauty get you Bernie Sanders has really ideologically Gifford with substantively on the debate stage you know both provided an empty dejected suggested that Sanders Medicare for all vision which is too radical it was not in sync with what a vast majority of Americans wanted their queue and and really I think it's gonna Sanders campaign you're hot again the establishment and most of the north is that we've seen today well really good for Joe Biden in terms of you know consolidating the traditional democratic establishment support you know what Bernie Sanders I would argue it makes it a stronger as well so I I really would say you need a clarifying vision will be what we actually start counting votes I'm super Tuesday went fourteen states will vote right and speaking of super Tuesday I mean what do you think the effect will be tomorrow on super Tuesday and going forward of both the judge and any call which are not being in this race anymore I mean look Joe Biden certainly has much to gain specifically because we see these two candidates who dropped out of the race go ahead and line themselves up behind Joe Biden impact judge tonight here said that he was endorsing but any hopes that his supporters would join in and that I think would be most interesting out there is that when we look at some of the polls earlier in the week last week it looks like Joe Biden was really on the cusp of being viable in some of the states that means he needed needs to get fifteen percent in order to accrue any delegate to win clover shard JH no longer in the race at all it seems likely that he'll get at least a moderate this and at least that way you'll be viable and be able to get delegates and to me that is the biggest difference is that really will likely see many more places where bite in across the board is able to recruit delegates mark all right that is NPR's us Mulholland thank you so much

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