Trump's pick to lead intelligence community defends background

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In his first television interview since the announcement. Texas Congressman Republican. John Ratcliffe push back against charges. He's not qualified to lead the intelligence agencies handling national security issues as far back as two thousand five but critics say you've never held a job in the intelligence community. I think what we've seen. Is that some of our most experienced. Intelligence officials have gotten the wrong with respect to important issues. I want you to respond to critics who say president trump puts loyalty ahead of experience my experience as a US attorney on national security issues as a legislator almost exclusively in these areas that was important him. Loyalty what we've talked about is my loyalty to. The constitution was a passionate defender of the president during the Russia. Probe more recently impeachment. He was among the first deflategate regularities in the surveillance of trump campaign aide. I've had a very public role and I've demonstrated that I've been right on. Some of these. Most important issues rang cliff was tap last summer for the job but it was withdrawn after allegations. He padded his resume. What's changed my reconsidered. Because the president asked me and I think when the president asks you to do something for your country you look at that just because someone in your business accuses. You doesn't make it true. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Adam Schiff called him unqualified. Can you get through the confirmation process? I think that I'll have the support of all Republicans at the end of the day. I'm going to work hard to convince at least some of my democratic colleagues on the other side of the Aisle Congressman Radcliffe tells CBS News. He expects the confirmation process to move quickly if confirmed Radcliffe said one priority is ensuring. The intelligence community becomes entirely a

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