Taylor Swift donates $1 million for Tennessee tornado relief


Taylor swift has decided to give a million Bucks to help tornado relief from the national situation earlier in the week she was hello she lived in Nashville since she started there when she was like fourteen and I think I lived outside she said national my home and the fact that so many people lost their homes and so much more as a problem and middle Tennessee devastating to me so she makes it to the response find encourage fans to donate as much as they could as well she has done great things I think she's a pretty smart about stuff like this for charitable efforts toward the city of Nashville go back ten years or so she founded that Taylor swift charitable fund in response to the natural flood which took place in twenty ten if you're a member she made donations to both the country music hall of fame Nashville symphony's gave a hundred thirteen thousand Bucks today Tennessee equality project and then there are other country acts like damage J. Christiane have a pledge hundred grand fifty thousand respectively there toward the relief fund as

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