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The Sedano Show The NBA MVP Race is on! - burst 6


Which is Katie. And Kyrie weren't messing with Kenny Atkinson. The drill sergeant is true is that they are not interested in playing for Kenny. Atkinson Kenny Atkinson also gets wind of this realizes because he's self aware what if I part ways with them? Now I get the jump on whatever job I can get and I'm GONNA get paid a lot more the next place anyway so they part ways but this is the problem. I have acadian. Kyrie Look Kevin Durant and Kyrie for that matter are extraordinary basketball players but they are clearly searching for something and I don't even know if they know what the hell they're searching for at this point. There's no continued. There's no continuity culture with anything that either of those guys have done except for themselves and now that they're together the one thing the nets had going for them was for lack of a better term. George a culture correct. They had a guy in a coach that had worked with their front office when they didn't really have much going and they were hamstrung a guy that

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The Sedano Show The NBA MVP Race is on! - burst 6

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