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Bernie Sanders lashes out at Mike Bloomberg's policing policies


From the start former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg faced fierce attacks from his five rivals on the straight stage in tonight's democratic party's presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas Vermont independent senator Bernie Sanders lashed out at bloomers Polish policing policies as the mayor of New York that he said targeted African Americans and Latinos in an outrageous way Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren call Bloomberg a billionaire who calls people fat broads and horse faced lesbians retired Nevada senator Harry Reid former democratic leader in the Senate says it wouldn't be the worst thing if no candidate has the delegates needed for the nomination by the convention in the summer we haven't had a brokered convention as I understand it Tel has since nineteen fifty two I don't think we'll have one but we could have won it's not the end of all worlds we had brokered convention before we always come up good candidates it's not the end of the world just slows the process down

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Bernie Sanders lashes out at Mike Bloomberg's policing policies

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