Opioid Edition 5: Acute Prescribing: Emergency Room Prescribing - burst 1


But if someone shows up in the emergency room at one o'clock in the morning your Reli- if you don't have their records you're relying on them to tell you what medications they are taking and they might not be the best reporter of that information based on their in a lot of pain or it's one o'clock in the morning I can't remember anything right now because I'm sitting in an emergency room. I mean how do you how do you address that? Yeah so I think that. There is some ancillary data which is important to take into account as we're discussing Reliable sources of information. Certainly we can cut reach out to in contact other healthcare organizations that may have cared for the patient or pharmacies where they've had their medications filled nearly every state has instituted a prescription drug monitoring program. Which is a program where when patients fill controlled substances in pharmacies those prescriptions and the details related to them are entered into a database that can then be accessed by downstream providers who are caring for the patient in. May need to know that important information by the time. I'm done recording. All of these different podcasts with the U. fantastic physicians. I'm going to be able to say this but I'm not quite sure at this. Point is so

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