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Would I fell in love with using my voice to compose and write quite young age age of fourteen and it was for a few reasons like I was actually in a really musically rich environment in terms of early electric Techno grime which has shown that will kind of exploding in London. When I was growing up and it was the ability to instantly Ri- obviously anyone that speaks uses. The voice sings the very established. This idea of singing Medea or doing some light. Percussion just to write. I immediately for the fact that I could not just do some light. Mcconnell sing I could start to internalize music theory. I could start writing beats and white phoned ideas using just my voice. I became absolutely obsessed with the instances. I just didn't have to wait to get to my instruments enough to wait to get to a computer. I just thought it's a composed on right in a way that no other tool or instrumentation really automate and it just continued to grow from there and the goal was to break boundaries and Jonathan had ownership over something new. Did you take lessons? Are you just were self taught you watch videos like? How does somebody even learn how to be box? No it was very strange serendipitous story. It was pretty youtube. Which is crazy. And I seen some like elements of sound making before because it's so important to just like establish people cool so of composition with voice. They can go to be boxing. Sound making and voice our oldest humanity itself. It's not a new thing like to compose and write with. Sounds with your voice has been a a music making for as long as music as existed and it was the experimentation and seeing vocalist Kinda go beyond traditional techniques. I found it so fascinating but in terms of like applying it to Electric Music because I wasn't really a hip hop head. It was more about the experimental of music making. That was something that just happened almost by chance and it came very naturally to me so no lessons no guidance. No help just kind of an obsessive desire to make music instantly and not feel like I have to rely on anyone else. That was the main thing I didn't like feeling like I had to go through my secondary school to access to my drums. And I had to kind of go to friends. Houses to use like Music Quinn and light laptops. Because it's something that I personally didn't have access to myself. And it was the impatience the impulsiveness to always creates or he's made is what made me so focused and I just love story from the very beginning the obsessive nece and the joy it brought me it started with just myself but then people started to react around me in produces tied to kind of say like how you making the sound. How you doing the sound design and people wanting to dance as well and that was one of the key moments to me is. My friends would dance to me boxing. Yet from there it's just continued to grow spiral out of control in quite an exciting way. Yes I love that. I think it's great when people are self taught and you're based on your own creativity and one of the things I know you like to say is that our voices are most precious tool and that we must give the world of voice. What does that mean to you outside of my own musical compositions? I believe there's a lot of communicative thinking and pushing of how we actually connect with each other. That directly connects to our voice. The voice is synonymous with the human condition. It's such a fundamental to- used in our day today again. If we leave music behind there is an issue that many people don't feel like they have a voice. Many people do not feel like that. Is THEY HUNT? And they also feel like the rounds of their expression is established. Like this sort like a glass ceiling on everyone and I really believe that to experiment with the voice to push off always as far as we can is to push the mind as far as we can is to push human condition as far as we kind of is the push consciousness as far as we come. I think that there's a universally accessible expressive nece. That is there but his massively untapped and all of the what I do outside of music on installation lectures working with technology is just the fundamental expiration to trying make people see the voice in the new line and the aim is to not make them saying perform we'll make music is to literally make them express and feel alive and voice can do to express and the Catharsis of expression through the voice. It wakes people up and that goes way beyond arts music. It's it's humanity so it sounds like a huge mission but I sat on a three full years ago to explore the narratives around voice the innovation around voice Beyond music making and it's so insane the benefits you see innovation. You see in new ideas around. The Voice of how universally accessible is something that everybody has they. Don't push it to the Max so I WANNA change global perspective on voice and in doing that hopefully give the world voice make people feel Hud make them express and make them shaft simple idea on a huge scale. Yes we've spoke the first sign a few weeks ago and you said that. I got excited except like off. That is so much of what I personally believe. It's a personal goal that I have and I'm curious how you know you're working to kind of do this. You had done something at a wired magazine event where you had showed you had made some sound and then on an image it kind of created these like sculpture like art pieces which is very cool and you told the story about how a young girl did it and she got so excited to kind of see her voice in a visual perspective and she got louder and excited to kind of share her voice and I was like. Oh I love this story in the important summit so yeah I love free to talk about how. You're kind of working to do this on a larger scale before we get into the technology piece because I do think voices more than just waste technology. It is about connecting us. Making people feel heard so. Yeah I'd love for you to talk more about how you're doing that on a large scale. I think does really make sense to kind of speak about that story. And because that was the beginning of this like the scope where I've obviously crepe directed and been involved with a number of different tech based creative projects and that project you mentioned that it was a project called C. Sounds and is was in collaboration with the mill. Who's incredible post production company in New York and Creative Director Back Rama? Alan and we had a conversation at South by South West. Where this idea that every voice is precious. Every voice is like a fingerprint. And it's like a Red Joel and that time. The voice is like a red jewel started to such in conversations more and more so we assist them which allowed people to digitally sculpt with voices precious metals and structures. So think of it almost like a broach or very read natural structure. You can build that with your voice missing different tones and textures and it will create this Completely unique structure and they're absolutely stunning. Obviously it's hard to communicate over Poku The project manifest installation. We invite the public to comand. Use the peace and this young girl that you mentioned it completely. Change my approach to augmentation working with technology but it was a puff. It's example of how the voice can lead to a flowering of oneself can lead to an opening of expressive interests and capacity. That can literally change the way you move the way you feel about yourself your confidence because she was extremely shy. I cannot say she was like a tiny little quantity attached to a bothers leg when she walked up to the peace of the microphone. She said these tiny utterances debt and she saw those sounds become something that looked physical on the wool these kind of growing crystal structures and when she saw that she made that connection and she started to shout and scream eventually law and again. She augmented with this tool which encouraged her to expressing tests have voice and she flowered and that was the beginning and this was clean case study of how experimentation an untraditional ways of exploring ourselves can lead to an introspection which she's so

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