Islamic Folklore The Ant Prays For Rain


Once there was a big famine in Palestine it was during the time of the Prophet Prophet. Sulaiman King Solomon. He came out with his people and proceeded to an open place in the desert to pray for the rains to come. Suddenly he saw an and standing on. Its two legs raising. Its hands up towards the sky and saying oh Allah we are but very small among all the creatures we cannot survive without die. Grace please bestow upon US sustenance and do not punish us because of the sins of human beings please send down the reins so that trees can grow farms become green in grains become available and we have our food to eat prophet. Sulaiman knew the language of all animals. He told his people let us go home. The prayer of this end is enough. It then rain too heavily in all the land became green and productive. The end is an intelligent creature. Warm days it collects and stores grain inside the hulls. It knows that during wet and cold months it would not be able to go out to search for food for fear that grain may start growing because of wetness it splits it into two or more pieces at times during Moonlit nights it brings the split grains out of the stores for drying and preservation against decay. The holes under the ground are made very carefully and covered with shelter to prevent the rain water from getting inside the holes the end unlike the other animals can lift a burden twice. Its own weight. It is not a selfish creature. When aunt finds some store of food grains it runs up to its group takes its fellow ants to that place. It shows everyone of them. Its own find of this door. The always behave in this manner. They work in live in cooperation with each other. This shows how the aunt works for the group and how each of them fulfills the needs in livelihood of its fellow beings how shameful it is for a man who has no regard for another man who has no concern for his fellow human beings who could be starving because of want of food. Once while Prophet Sulaiman was traveling together with hosts of men. Gin and birds. They reached valley events. When the chief of these ants witnessed the pomp and the glory with which Prophet Sulaiman and his companions were approaching toward it. He warned all the answers to get into their holes lest they got trampled and crushed unknowingly by the approaching men and Jinn Prophet. Sulaiman smiled at. This warning sounded by the ants chief and ordered his companions to wait till the aunts went inside their holes. None of us should hurt any aunt while passing over their land. He said it said that Prophet Sulaiman addressed the chief of the aunts. And Said How could my people hurt you or your fellow ants when they are floating through air? Don't you know that I am a messenger of God and would never act unfairly? The chief of the ants replied o Messenger of God my cautioning. The ants was not for any hurt that they would suffer but to prevent them getting stray and forgetting the glory of God after seeing year pomp. And show there is a deep meaning. In this event it shows that even the most humble and smallest of creatures has been endowed with the necessary wisdom to live safely and avoid being hurt as far as possible. It also shows how even a small end does have the natural understanding of the true position of Allah. It imparts a lesson. That one should not forget the true might and glory of Allah when one experiences a great power and dignity of any creature in this world thus an aunt is one of the most wonderful small creatures in this World Surinam L. The end in the holy current is a chapter named after this creature over one thousand three hundred years ago. Imam Ali was giving a sermon in Kufa. In which he was describing the beauties of creation in various forms of life he was referring to small creatures in asking men to study. How God made them so small yet so sturdy strong he described the end in these words. Look at an end. How tiny is its body? And how delicate features it is such a small creature that it often escapes the eye and few people care to attach any importance to it. Among the living beings found on this earth. Look at it and study its ways of life how it crawls how it attacks its food how it lifts a grain so many times heavier than its body carries it to its whole how it stores grains and how in summer it gathers in stocks food for

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